Five Ways to Move More and Sit Less

Our modern lifestyle makes it hard to prioritize our health. It seems many of us spend much of our days sitting down, which leads to a host of health issues. Between our commutes, desk jobs and leisure activities, Americans are sitting more than ever.


When we move, a cascade of positive things happen within our bodies. Fresh blood and oxygen reach the brain, which is necessary to trigger the release of mood-enhancing chemicals, our back vertebrae and muscles function properly and our risk of chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes to colon, breast and endometrial cancers go down.

Even the latest physical activity guidelines, makes it clear: the more movement, the better. “The new guidelines demonstrate that, based on the best science, everyone can dramatically improve their health just by moving — anytime, anywhere, and by any means that gets you active,” said Dr. Brett Giroir, assistant secretary for health at the Health and Human Services Department (HHS).

So what are the best and easiest ways to include more movement into a typical American’s work day?

1. Make your commute active
Instead of sitting on a bus or in your car, opt to make your commute more active by choosing to bike or walk to work. If you have to drive, then park further away from your office so you can walk a bit to get to your desk. If you work on a higher floor, choose to take the stairs vs the elevator.

2. Sit on a motion office chair
Ditch the standard static office chair for a motion chair, like swopper. Swopper lets you move in three dimensions while you work – bouncing, tilting or swaying. The result? Your body stays constantly in motion and you reap the health benefits all day long.
chair for back pain

3. Take your meetings on a walk
Whether you’re stuck on a long call or the organizer of a conference meeting, choose to stand or walk during your meetings. You’ll keep your body active AND improve your mental performance by increasing your circulation.

4. Find a non-sedentary hobby
Enrich your after work life by finding an activity you love that also keeps you moving. Whether its gardening, yoga or walking with a friend, staying active while doing something you enjoy is a double bonus for your wellbeing.

5. Stand up while watching TV
Standing or walking in place while you watch your favorite show is a great way to turn a sedentary activity into an active one. Even if you just stand during commercials, your body will thank you.

It may seem like our modern lives make sitting difficult to avoid, but with some mindfulness, you can turn your typically sedentary day into one full of movement. These small changes can have a world of benefit for your body, wellbeing and longevity.

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Too Much Sitting Increases Heart Disease in Older Women

A new study from published in the Journal Circulation has a dire warning for women older than 60 – don’t sit for long periods of time. The study, which looked at the sedentary behaviors of 5,638 women over the age of 60, reported that sitting was linked to an increase in cardiovascular disease.

older women sitting heart disease

The women were studied 24 hours a day for seven days using an hip-mounted accelerometer to measure their movements. Researchers monitored the frequency which they sat/laid down and also the duration of their sedentary time. Participants were then followed over the next five years.

The results showed that for every additional hour of sedentary time, the risk for cardiovascular disease rose by 12%. The findings were even worse if the sedentary sessions were long and uninterrupted. Those who sat for long periods had a 52% higher risk than those who had shorter bouts of sitting.

“Higher amounts of sedentary time and longer sedentary bouts were directly associated with cardiovascular disease,” said John Bellettiere, Ph.D., research fellow of cardiovascular disease epidemiology at the University of California, San Diego, and lead author of the study. “Importantly, the association showed up regardless of a woman’s overall health, physical function, and other cardiovascular risk factors, including whether they also were engaging in moderate to vigorous physical activity.”

Researchers encouraged older women to reduce their time spent sitting and to break up bouts of sitting with short bursts of walking, stretching or any movement.

Even if you no longer work in an office environment, motion chairs like Swopper, can still be useful in breaking up time spent being sedentary. Many Swopper users opt to sit on their motion chair and bounce while watching TV, sitting with friends or reading a book.

The benefits of moving while you sit are numerous, but a large one is the increase in circulation. When your blood is flowing properly, your risk of cardiovascular disease from too much sitting is diminished.


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Study: Any Movement Reduces Risks from Sitting

If you’re like most American’s, your lifestyle includes a lot of sitting. Think about an average work day, we wake up and sit at the breakfast table, then sit while we commute to work, then sit at a desk for much of the day and finally relax on the couch. The hard truth is our bodies are sedentary much of the day.

sitting all day

We know from many studies that all this sedentary time is terrible for our bodies and overall health. Researchers are often heard urging people to “move more, sit less.” Conventional wisdom tells us that in order to avoid the many health risks that come with prolonged sitting, we “make up” for time spent sitting by hitting the gym or going for a run.

A new study in the American Journal of Epidemiology has some different advice for those who sit much of the day. The study of more than 8,000 middle aged or older participants showed that replacing time sitting with any movement, even a stretch or short walk, will reduce the risks that come with sitting.

“We can just do simple one-minute bouts and that’s enough to counteract, because you are activating your muscles,”  research lead Dr. Keith Diaz of Columbia University Irving Medical Center told CBS News. “So one-minute bouts, if you do enough of them, would be enough to lower your risks, as long as you accrue 30 minutes or more.”

While the study did show that exercising at a higher intensity resulted in an increased reduction in risks from sitting, researchers were quick to point out that ANY movement has a positive affect.

If your lifestyle means you spend much of your time sitting, it’s important to find ways to include more movement into your work day. Take frequent breaks at work, or better yet use a motion office chair like swopper to keep your body in motion all day long.

swopper motion chair

When you sit on a swopper you are able to move in three dimensions, which keeps your body is a constant state of slight motion. When you sit this way, your muscles are engaged and you avoid the health risks that come with sitting all day.

If you find it is hard to hit the gym each day to counterbalance the affects of sitting, it’s good to know that you can reduce your health risks just by incorporating some regular movement into your daily routine.

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Study: Sit Less, Move More to Live Longer

If you work a desk job, which requires long days of sitting, researchers have some advice for you – start moving! A new study released in the American Journal of Epidemiology has shown that replacing sedentary behavior with sitting may drastically reduce your risks of an early death.

sit less move more

The study followed 8,000 adults aged 45 and older. The participants wore activity monitors for at least four days between 2009 and 2013. Researchers then tracked participant death rates. The results showed that physical activity in place of sitting can have a marked affect on lifespan.

Specifically, the study showed that replacing sitting with just 30 minutes of low-intensity physical activity, like walking or stretching, lowered their risk of an early death by 17 percent. Those who swapping a half-hour per day of sitting for moderate-to-vigorous exercise cut the risk of early death by even more at 35 percent.

Researchers say any amount of movement in place of sitting, even just a few minutes, can have a positive impact on your lifespan.

“If you have a job or lifestyle that involves a lot of sitting, you can lower your risk of early death by moving more often, for as long as you want and as your ability allows — whether that means taking an hour-long high-intensity spin class or choosing lower-intensity activities, like walking,” said study lead author Keith Diaz.

With one in every four U.S. adults sitting for eight-plus hours per day, the need to increase movement has never been more important. A sedentary lifestyle has been shown to cause an increase risk in diabetes, obesity, heart disease, certain cancers and overall premature death. 

A great way to reduce your risk of early death and other serious diseases is to incorporate movement into your entire day. This is possible when you work a desk job by just changing the way you work. Using a motion office chair, like swopper, means your body is constantly in motion, which effectively eliminates the risks that come with sitting all day.

swopper motion chair

Another option is to invest in a height adjustable desk and chair, like Muvman. When you are able to move seamlessly between sitting, standing and perching, your body is able to move as it was meant to without being locking into one position too long.

height adjustable chair

Whether you invest in ergonomic motion furniture, or commit to taking more walking breaks, the need to move throughout your day is important. Your back, body and longevity will thank you for making this small change.

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2019 is the Year of Motion. Here’s How to Move More and Sit Less.

January is here and so is a new year. You’ve probably already seen the news stories about the dangers of leading a sedentary lifestyle. And you’ve likely made at least one resolution for 2019 that involves caring for your body and physical wellbeing. It’s clear that in 2019 there’s a trend toward movement and away from a sedentary lifestyle.

2019 resolutions motion

Unfortunately the workplace is still slow to adopt the many benefits of moving throughout the day. Most of us are still stuck sitting in a chair from 9-5 or even longer day in and day out.

All this sitting is not only reversing the gains we make in the gym or with our nutrition, but it’s also opening us up to a whole host of additional problems. Studies have shown that prolonged sitting can lead to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, certain cancers and even a premature death. 

sedentary lifestyle

So how do we combine our desire for wellbeing with our office jobs? The key lies in incorporating movement into our daily work routines. This includes taking walking breaks, opting for a standing desk and choosing ergonomic office furniture that allows your body to move freely.

Motion chairs are a great way to reap the benefits of near-constant motion without any disruption to your work flow. The swopper chair, for example, lets you bounce, tilt and sway gently while you work. Your body is constantly moving, so you naturally avoid stiff muscles, a sore back and all the other health risks that come with sitting.

ergonomic motion chair

If you like being able to sit OR stand while working, the Muvman height adjustable stool is the ideal chair.

height adjustable chair

It lets you easily move between sitting, standing or perching while also incorporating movement while you sit. Studies show the healthiest way to work is to move fluidly between sitting and standing positions throughout the day.

Don’t let your office job derail your 2019 healthy resolutions. When you prioritize moving your body and cutting down on sedentary time, you’ll boost your progress towards optimal health.

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The Right Way To Sit

From the time you were little, it’s likely you heard the phrase “sit up straight!” We all know that slouching is not good for our backs. When we sit all day at work remembering not to slouch becomes even more important.

the best posture for sitting

Studies show that slouched posture is associated with weakness, poor physical conditions, decreased confidence, and deficits of neurologic function. But what exactly is the right posture to adopt while sitting? The answer is not as straightforward as you may think.

The majority of people assume good posture involved having your chest out and your upper back straight. Posture expert Jenn Sherer told NPR that in fact the best way to ensure you have proper posture is to focus on your lower back.

Sherer suggests that people pretend they have a tail, and to sit as if they could wag that tail vs having it tucked underneath.”The most important thing to change to reduce back pain is your pelvis position,” she says. “It’s like a stack of toy blocks. If the blocks at the bottom aren’t sturdy, then the top has no chance.”

Any time you find your sitting posture resembling a “C” shape – pelvis tucked, back rounded and shoulders rolled forward – it’s your cue to think about your lower back. This C position can damage the little shock absorbers in the spine, called the intervertebral disks, which over time can cause degeneration.

A great way to train your body to sit in this optimal position is to use a chair without a backrest. When you lean against a backrest, you automatically adopt the “C” position. Sitting on a backless chair forces you to build up the muscle strength to support proper posture all day.

chair for back pain

Staying in motion while you sit, like on a swopper chair, is also a good way to keep your muscles loose, your intervertebral disks lubricated and your posture optimized. By combining proper sitting posture with the bounce, tilt & sway motion of a swopper, you are effectively avoiding the major triggers of back pain from sitting.


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CDC Study: American’s Sedentary Lifestyle Increasing Risk of Premature Death

The average American is sitting too much and not exercising enough, says a new study from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This sedentary behavior has been shown to have a potentially devastating effect on health and longevity.

Sitting health risks

The study used data from the most recent 2015-16 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey of about 5,900 adults, which include both interviews and physical examinations. The results showed that nearly 25% of  adults reported sitting for six to eight hours or more each day and not getting enough exercise.

In contrast, the healthiest group represents the smallest – just under 3% of the adults said they sit for less than four hours per day and are sufficiently active. Overall, these patterns were consistent between men and women, but extended sitting combined with too little activity increased with age.

“Both high sedentary behavior and physical inactivity have negative health effects,” the authors of the study said. “And evidence suggests that the risk of premature mortality is particularly elevated when they occur together.”

The study shows American’s need help moving more throughout their day. Right now, the CDC’s exercise guidelines recommend that adults do moderate-intensity aerobic exercise for two hours and 30 minutes every week, plus muscle strengthening activities on two or more days a week. Experts also recommend taking a brisk walk every 30 minutes of sitting.

It’s not always easy to take breaks every thirty minutes during your work day and keeping up with a regular exercise schedule can also be tough. One easy way to counteract the negative affects from sitting too much is to switch to a motion office chair, like swopper.

When you sit on a swopper you bounce, tilt and sway so your body is constantly in motion. This keeps your muscles engaged, your circulation flowing and your posture correct. This subtle, unconscious movement helps protect us from the health risks that come with an office job.

Whether you commit to breaks every thirty minutes or switch to sitting on a motion chair, this study shows it is imperative to prioritize movement throughout your day.

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Your Chair Could be the Key to Feeling Great

Look around your home or your office. How many chairs do you see? There was a time when sitting was a pretty rare occurrence. We spent much of our day moving – hunting, farming, walking to town etc. Now the average American sits 10+ hours per day.

It may seem alarmist to think that something as innocuous as sitting could harm our health, but more and more research is showing just how risky our sedentary lifestyles can be. The fact of the matter is our bodies are not meant to stay stationary all day. We are meant to move!

chair key to feeling great

While it’s not always possible to create a lifestyle that supports movement, you can give your health the benefit of movement by choosing the right chair. When you ditch the standard stationary office chair for an ergonomic motion chair, like swopper, you unlock a plethora of health benefits including the below.

  • swopper motion chair
  • Better posture and a stronger back
    When you sit on a swopper, you are naturally encouraged to have perfect posture. Swopper keeps you moving in three dimensions. This frequent change of movement causes you to adopt new posture and sit up straight more often. The movement also has the effect of strengthening your back muscles.
  • Increased circulation
    Sitting a swopper causes you to sit up straighter, which frees your diaphram and makes you breathe more deeply. This results in a boost to circulation. The swopper chair is ideal for anyone who suffers from vein issues.
  • More focus and performance
    When circulation is increased, so is our blood flow to the brain. This helps us stay alert, focused and have the ability to concentrate longer.
  • Lower risk of heart disease, cancer and premature death
    Research has showed that sitting for too long causes increased risk of heart disease, certain types of cancer and can even lead to early death. When you sit on a motion office chair, you reduce your risk by incorporating movement into your day.
  • Improved joint health and reduced risk of arthritis
    Moving your joints stimulates the formation of synovia (joint fluid). This helps to lubricate the joints. Nature has built our body to use our joints slightly all the time. This tightens the ligaments and tendons, which helps us avoid joint diseases like arthritis.

These are just some of the ways sitting on the right office chair can improve your overall health. When you take the leap into sitting in motion, you are choosing to prioritize your health in all facets of your life. Swopper is the perfect chair to get your body moving and feeling great while you work.

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Being Sedentary Worse for Your Health than Diabetes, Smoking and Heart Disease

A new study out of Cleveland Clinic in the journal JAMA Network Open has some shocking results. The study, which looked at treadmill stress tests on more than 122,000 patients showed that being sedentary led to a higher mortality rate than having diabetes, smoking or heart disease.

Sedentary health risks

The study looked at treadmill stress tests among people who ranged from being sedentary and unfit, to extremely fit. They found that sedentary participants had a 390% higher risk of death when compared to those who exercised regularly. When compared to those in the “extremely fit” category, the risk jumped to 500%.

Dr. Wael Jaber, a cardiologist at the Cleveland Clinic and senior author of the study told CNN, “We all know that a sedentary lifestyle or being unfit has some risk. But I’m surprised they overwhelm even the risk factors as strong as smoking, diabetes or even end-stage disease. People who do not perform very well on a treadmill test,” Jaber said, “have almost double the risk of people with kidney failure on dialysis.”

If you live a lifestyle that is sedentary, meaning you spend much of your time sitting, then this study should be a major wake up call to get moving. One of the hardest places to implement movement into your lifestyle is at the workplace.

When your job requires you to be at a desk in front of a computer for at least eight hours a day, it can feel like you are chained to the very sedentary lifestyle you are trying to avoid. The good news is there are ways to combat the “sitting disease” without changing your job.

Utilizing a motion office chair, like a swopper or 3Dee, allows you to move in three dimensions while you work. When you bounce, tilt and sway while you work, your body is never in a sedentary position. Your risk from sedentary behaviors drops dramatically.

3dee motion office chair swopper motion chair

Researchers agree that incorporating movement into your lifestyle is the best way to stave off health issues. When you combine sitting in motion at work with a regular fitness plan, you are ensuring that you are doing your part to keep optimal health.

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