3Dee Active Office Chair Review and Testimonial

We work in partnership with some fantastic furniture dealerships and you know when someone who KNOWS furniture has a lot to say on our 3Dee Active Office Chair, it means something.  That’s why we want to share the feedback we received today from Hayley from Smart Busiess Products, so you could see first hand what a new experience on 3Dee is like.

3Dee Chair Review

So…the 3-Dee chair.  It was one of the chairs we had at the business conference with Scott. I’ll be honest, I’d not done the chair due diligence. I tried to sit in it for a couple of days and I didn’t’ like it because it had no arms. However, at the business conference, I had a chance to listen and learn from Scott—why it doesn’t have arms, how it works, what it does—and that it can burn up to 400 calories by sitting in it a day.

Last week, I decided to sit in the bad boy. Cold turkey, 8-9 hrs/day.

By Friday evening, I honestly thought I had a kidney stone my low back was so sore. All weekend, I moved like an old woman, crying about my low back—but it wasn’t just my back.  It was my hips, my glutes, down into my legs. AKA my lower core.

Of course I googled it, and I decided that either the chair sucked and was going to end me OR it was doing what Scott said it would do and I was just THAT craptastic in the core area. And hey, after two c-sections, who wouldn’t be, right?

Monday morning, I decided to try it one more day to see how I felt (I was still sore), but noticed when I sat down, my pain suddenly went away. Again, this told me I NEEDED the 3-Dee chair. Later that morning, I shifted and my left hip had a huge POP, to the point Amy asked if I was ok.

Guess what? For the first time since I can remember, I felt NO impingement in my left hip.  Even after the chiropractor. Oh sure, it got sore—but it truly felt as if my leg had been “popped” out of a jam up into my hip.

Today, while measuring casegoods at a client’s office, my right hip finally popped—to the point the customer asked me if I was ok.  J

I’m not a tall drink of water, but I would swear I’m an inch taller. In addition to my lower back (despite being sore on the right side after the pop) feeling 98% better than it has felt since I was 23 years old (last year, I know), I’ve noticed a lot less tension in my upper back—since gravity is pulling down my shoulders and they aren’t stopped by armcaps.

Am I crazy? I will tell you Stuart commented that I was standing straighter than he had ever seen me stand.  So as crazy as I am, I am now a believer. It took some time, but you get the official Hayley seal of approval on the 3-Dee. And you know that isn’t the easiest to come by!

Have a great day and thank you for introducing me to the 3-Dee. It really has made an impact—or lack thereof—on me!  – Hayley

Thank you Hayley for taking the time to share your experience on the 3Dee Active Office Chair with us! This is the perfect example of what a “breaking in” period on a motion chair could look like. Once you get used to the new way of sitting, the benefits are endless.

~ Jenn Lytle



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