Apple’s Tim Cook Encourages Transitional Sitting

It’s no secret Apple’s office culture is on the forefront of employee wellness, so it is no surprise that Apple CEO Tim Cook recently came out to encourage the benefits of transitional sitting. In an interview with Bloomberg, Cook said “sitting in the new cancer” and discussed how they tackle the issue with their own employees.

Cook shared that every one of Apple’s 12,000 employees at their Apple Park Headquarters is given a standing desk to use. Cook promoted the benefits of transitional sitting, saying “if employees stand for a while when they work, sit down, and go back to standing, it’s far better for their health than sitting all day in an office.”

Transitional sitting has recently picked up steam with health experts, who claim it is the healthiest way to sit. Research has shown that neither standing or sitting exclusively all day is good for your health. Both can lead to various health ailments. The proven best way to work is moving fluidly between sitting and standing, while incorporating movement.

The key is to stand for awhile, then when you start to feel fatigued, transition to sitting. Ideally you are moving and stretching your body throughout the entire day as well.

Muvman is the ultimate transitional sitting companion chair as it allows you to easily adjust the height of the chair to accommodate sitting, standing or perching. Plus it’s ergonomic design allows you to tilt and sway while sitting, so your body stays in slight motion.

muvman stool

Transitional sitting is no longer a best practice only those focused on their wellness know about. It’s becoming more and more mainstream as evidenced by Tim Cook promoting it’s many benefits. Get your workspace set up to function optimally to support your health by using a height adjustable desk and Muvman sit to stand stool. 



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