Behind The Scenes of How Your Motion Chair is Made

Have you ever wondered what goes into making something? Let me tell you first hand, the amount of tools, machines, and human touch that goes into the production of your motion chair is nothing short of miraculous. For every piece of equipment and every piece of material, you have at least two people physically touching and piecing together parts to make the masterpiece that you sit on.

Aeris, the German manufacturer of the swopper chair and all motion chairs sold on, has devoted itself to revolutionizing standing and sitting at the workplace. Their philosophy is as simple as it is effective: more movement, in three dimensions. They call it 3D ergonomics. For their customers (you!), this simply means better health, more motivation and higher productivity. And success proves us right! Aeris is ranked in the top 100 of the most innovative small and medium-sized German businesses. Now that is something to be proud of!

Each swopper, muvman or 3Dee chair is quite literally a work of art. Every chair is given personalized attention down to drawstring assembly and hand-steaming of seat fabrics to ensure the highest level of quality. Our team members pride themselves on a job well done, and that means holding hands through the entire process of producing your chairs! This approach shows in the beautiful craftsmanship each of our chairs embodies.

We wanted to give you a sneak peek inside the factory where all swoppers, muvmans and 3Dees are created.

swopper chair

aeris life in motion making a swopper chair

The 3Dee has an amazing amount of intricate parts that are assembled into the most innovative chair in the world!

3dee chair

Fully built 3dee active office chair

ergonomic office chair

As you can see, a lot goes into creating these innovative motion chairs, from Germany to the US and beyond. Learn more about what goes into the process of customizing and shipping out your swopper chair in this post about our own superstar located in Sparks, NV.

~ Jennifer Lytle


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