Why the Best Chair for Your Back, Doesn’t Have One

Recently we received a comment on Facebook from someone who saw a video of the swopper chair and was confused…

best chair for back pain

We know it can sound counter intuitive … the best chair for my back pain is one without a back? When your back is aching, the idea of not having a chair back to lean against can seem like an impossible way to work. However, the truth is the more you rely on a back support, the weaker your back muscles get and the more likely you are to experience back pain.

proper posture while sitting

Here are the main reasons why sitting on a motion chair with no back support, like swopper, is actually best for your back.


Strengthen Your Muscles. When you sit on a swopper chair, your body is constantly in motion. This means almost all muscle groups remain engaged and well supplied with blood. This movement has the affect of  strengthening your core and back muscles, which helps you achieve better posture. When you are sitting in motion, it’s nearly impossible to tense up and cause back pain.

Maintain Perfect Posture. With swopper there is no reason to hunch your back and lean forward, the joint in the spring strut permits the swopper chair to tilt towards your working surface. This means you no longer need to hunch your back and your spine retains its natural S shape.

Keep Joints Moving Well. Moving on your swopper has the affect of keeping your joints moving as well. This stimulates the formation of synovia (joint fluid), which prevents arthritis while tightening the ligaments and tendons.

Improved Circulation and Concentration. When you sit on the swopper chair, the combination of movement and no back rest makes you straighten the upper part of your body. This causes the diaphragm to fill more completely, so that you breathe deeper, which causes circulation to increase. The result? You are more alert, have better concentration and increased performance.

ergonomic office chair

If you find that at the end of the day your back is aching, you may want to consider ditching the static, high back office chair and make the move to swopper. When you sit in motion and no longer rely on a back rest, you will likely find your back muscles strengthen, tension release and your back pain vanish for good.


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