How to Create an Ergonomic Work Space

Ergonomics is the study of how people use the objects in their workspace. Specifically, it focuses on how to arrange items in a workspace to improve usability and functionality. The goal is to have optimal height, distance and movement in your workspace to avoid any straining or inconvenience.

There are several areas of your workspace that should be given special ergonomic focus. Once your space is dialed in, you will relieve any uncomfortable movements, muscle aches or tension from your working habits.

ergonomic work space

Five ways to create an ergonomic work space:

  1. Choose a chair that moves with you. When you sit on a motion office chair, like a swopper, you are able to tilt forward or side to side with ease. This eliminates any straining or reaching for objects on your desk. Swopper’s movement also keeps your core muscles engaged and your posture ideal to prevent any slouching that may lead to back pain.

    ergonomic office chair

  2. Position your screen at the right height. Make sure your computer screen is high enough so you are not looking down at it. This is especially important if you work on a laptop. There are numerous screen boosters that are inexpensive, so you can ensure you are looking at your screen straight on vs down or up.
  3. Place your keyboard and mouse so you have room to rest your wrists. Avoid carpal tunnel by making sure you have room to rest your wrists on your work surface while you are typing. This ensures proper support and prevents you from straining your wrist and lower arm muscles.
  4. Use a headset when talking on the phone. Eliminate the need to hold your phone with your hand – or worse, with your neck – by using a headset. This also allows you to maximize your free hands to take notes while on a call.
  5. Opt for a height adjustable desk and chair. If you like the idea of being able to stand or sit while at work then a height adjustable desk and chair, like muvman sit to stand stool, may be your best option. Having a height adjustable work space allows you move flexibility and movement throughout your day.
    height adjustable chair

When you have an ergonomic work space, you’ll find everything just feels easier. Your body feels healthy, your more efficient and more productive. Have a question about ergonomics? Email us any time at and one of our ergonomic experts will help you out.

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What Research Says About The Healthiest Way to Sit at Work

By now we know that sitting is the new smoking, and that prolonged standing also has health risks. So what IS the healthiest way to sit?

healthiest way to sit

In a study out last year in the Journal of Epidemiology on 7,000 office workers, it was determined that the risk of cardiovascular disease with occupations combining sitting, standing, and walking may be lower than occupations people stay in one position for prolonged periods.

It seems again and again, science shows that the answer isn’t sitting vs. standing, but a combination of both. The idea of transitional sitting means to keep your body moving through various positions throughout the day – ie moving between sitting, standing and perching.

Our bodies are meant to move. Think about it. Our ancestors didn’t sit or stand for long periods of time. They were constantly moving –  hunting, gathering and resting. Our modern lifestyle of staying in one position for long stretches of time goes against our very nature.

Many researchers say the way to combat the negative affects of being sedentary is to get up and move every 30 minutes. That can be highly disruptive when you’re in a flow state at work. Who wants to stop what they’re doing and go walk every 30 minutes anyway?

So how can you master transitional sitting? The best way is to utilize an height adjustable desk and ergonomic work chair – like the Muvman stool.

height adjustable chair

Muvman allows you to sit, stand and perch while also supporting movement side to side, forward and backwards. It’s height adjustable range of 20 – 33″ allows you to easily adapt to any workspace. The tall version adds additional height with a 23.5 to 36″ range of height – perfect for users 6 feet or taller.

When your workspace is set up for height adjustments, you are able to sit when you want to rest, stand when you feel motivated and perch for those in between times. The movement of the Muvman chair also lets you keep your hips moving, core muscles engaged and legs active. This movement is near constant, which is how we were meant to work.

If you’re looking for the healthiest way to sit, the research is clear … combine sitting, standing and perching while also keeping in motion to unlock the healthiest way to work.

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The Healthiest Office Chair May Not Be What You’d Expect

Americans who are employed full time work an average of 47 hours each week. For most, that means a lot of time sitting in front of a computer. We already know that prolonged sitting has many detrimental effects on our health, but what can an office worker do?

best office chair

Many workers hope to find an office chair that eases their back aches, helps support their posture and alleviates their concerns about what sitting is doing to their body. Typically, the thought is that the more supportive the chair the better.

The truth is that you can have a chair with the most plush seat, perfect lumbar support and ideal back support, but your problems will still remain. Why? Because at the day, you’re still stuck sitting still. No amount of leather or cushion will change that.

So what’s the solution? Sitting in motion.

An ergonomic motion chair like swopper keeps your body in constant fluid motion, which immediately combats the health risks from sedentary sitting. When you sit on a swopper, you are able to bounce, tilt and sway while you work, which is how our bodies were designed to move.

ergonomic office chair

Swopper strips away the unnecessary elements of an office chair, like the back rest and arm rests, and instead trains your body to maintain strong back and core muscles. The result is excellent posture, alleviated back pain, better circulation and on. Really the improvements seen once you switch to sitting in motion can be staggering.

If you’re on the hunt for the best ergonomic office chair, or an office chair for back pain, know that as long as you’re sitting still, its likely your problems will persist. Using a motion office chair quickly becoming the gold standard for office workers who want optimal health.

You can try a swopper risk free for 30 days with our hassle free returns. We know you’ll love the newfound freedom your body will feel once you allow it to move throughout your work day.

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Informed Buyers Make Better Long Term Decisions

Have you ever done your research and started thinking…did I cover my most important questions? We are here to help answer your questions on the swopper chair, here are the top 3 questions we receive about them.

How do you sit correctly on a swopper?

Sit down in the center of the swopper seat so that the spring strut becomes an extension of your spine. Keep your balance with your buttocks and both legs with your feet flat on the floor.

Your pelvis should be slightly higher than your knees to form an open angle between hips and knees, this benefits your circulation. Bounce around a few times and you will then automatically sit up straight and your diaphragm is freed to help you breathe more deeply. Your body alignment enhances your intellectual performance by improving the supply of oxygen to your body.

If you are using the swopper at work, you need to shift your weight to move the seat towards your desk. This automatically brings your body into a position in which your spine moves freely and upright over the slightly inclined pelvis which helps you keep your back straight.  The spring strut of the swopper automatically takes over the forward tilt that your spine has to manage on its own when using a conventional office chair, which takes  the hunchback sitting position out of the equation.


Can I sit all day without a backrest?

The swopper is completely different than conventional chairs, with a conventional office chair, you do need a back support on it because you sit for long periods without moving. however, your muscles are not made for hours of holding one position as this is what causes tension and backache. On the swopper, however, your back remains constantly active and in motion and at any time  your body starts to feel fatigued you should begin moving on your swopper . This trains and strengthens your back and core muscles to help support your body in a better more balanced way.


What is the difference between a classic swopper and swopper air?

The classic swopper substructure is an all “foam seat head” with fabric over it.  It has a “firmer sit.”

With the swopper air, we are using a material that’s not foam. The hi-tech “3dea” material is used in i.c.u. beds and offers the following characteristics along with a “softer sit”:

  • very resilient
  • supportive where pressure is applied yet without pressure points
  • breathable due to its woven nylon filament
  • seat cover is a woven knit material that’s also very breathable and heat regulating.


Have more questions? We have more answers in our FAQ section on
Thank you for being an avid reader of our swopper blog!


Jennifer Lytle

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Dare to compare! Balance Ball vs. the swopper Chair!

When introducing someone to the swopper chair, often we are asked what the benefits are of the swopper vs just sitting on a balance ball. In this post we’ll take a look at some key differentiators that make swopper incomparable when looking for the best motion seating option.

If you use the stability ball in place of an office chair, you might feel that the ball is not tall enough for you to reach your desktop. Stability balls often leave a user straining to reach their keyboard or other items on their desk, putting pressure on the back.

Swopper is ergonomically designed to ensure the perfect sit for any height or desk set up. It is height adjustable, so you can reduce any strain on your back.

Three Dimensional Movement:
A balance ball chair only moves safely in an up and down bouncing position. When you try to sway or move side to side, you run the risk of the ball moving out from under you, which can cause injury.
The swopper chair is the first ergonomic office chair in the world to move in all three dimensions. You can bounce, tilt and sway for optimal movement, while keeping your back safely aligned.

Quality Construction:
It’s not uncommon for a stability ball to burst, deflate or become punctured. This can be a threat to your health as you could fall off the ball and injure yourself. Not to mention the cost and hassle of having to purchase a brand new one.

Award-winning German manufacturer Aeris makes swopper with high quality materials. You can be sure that your investment in a swopper will go the distance and your chair will retain optimal performance for years to come.

You can read all about the many, many benefits of sitting on a swopper, including increased core strength, improved posture, eliminated back pain and even weight loss. Since its launch in 1997, the swopper is the be-all and end-all when it comes to healthy sitting in motion.
For this month only, use coupon code SPRINGSWOP at checkout for your 15% discount, good through the end of April on all motion products on

Jennifer – Director of Customer Service

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Five Perfect Places to Put An OYO Chair

Meet OYO, the newest member of our family of motion seating! Designed for movement, the OYO chair allows a gentle rocking or swaying while still promoting great posture. With four vibrant color options, the OYO adds life and style to any room.

oyo chair unique rocking chair

This versatile chair can go nearly anywhere, but here are just a few ideas we have thought of so far.

Meeting/Collaboration Rooms

The OYO is comfortable and functional, allowing you to relax into the back or rock to keep your body moving and the creative juices flowing. With three sitting options – forward, backward or sideways – we’re sure anybody can find a sitting position perfect for them! With iphones, ipads and tablets in our hands, this chair lets you take advantage of all the ways you sit and work!

In a Nursey

The way the back of the chair wraps around you makes it perfect for leaning back and cradling that baby in your arms while gently rocking them, but it’s even better than a standard rocking chair. With the comfortable foam and secure rock, you may even put yourself to sleep.

Library or Den

It’s perfect for lounging in a cozy corner with your favorite book or relaxing in front of the TV. You could even sit and rock in it while playing your favorite video game.

A Teen or Dorm Room

Oyo is a great chair for the active young person. The colorful design makes it a fun addition to their personal space, and they’ll never get bored with the various sitting options. This chair has a large interior design element adding life and fun to any space!

At Your Desk


OYO Chair in Use5450

OYO is not your typical desk chair, but it fits, so rock it – literally!

Manufactured by aeris GmbH and distributed by Via Seating.

Aleta Simmons – Chair Wrangler


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Introducing OYO – Our New Motion Chair! 15% Off Pre-sale Orders.

For 15% off on pre-sale orders of the new OYO – use coupon code OYO15% on

We can’t contain our excitement any more here at Swopper – it’s finally time to share with you our latest addition to the motion line of seating … OYO, the chair!


By now we all know that research points to an alarming conclusion: prolonged sitting is a public health issue. Americans, on average, spend eight hours a day sitting, yet few realize the health consequences they are suffering as a result.

That’s why we work tirelessly with our German manufacturer, Aeris, to formulate motion seating chairs that will get people moving again. The latest addition to this revolutionary line of motion chairs is OYO.


A strikingly beautiful design with cross functionality from task to collaborative to conferencing applications, OYO chair offers soothing rocking motion combined with optimal spinal support.

When you first look at the OYO chair, it prompts the questions; is it a saddle-seat with a backrest? Or a cantilever framed chair? Or perhaps it’s a rocking chair? The answer is it’s all of the above! (Plus a whole lot more).


OYO moves you in ways you never thought possible. It cradles, bounces and rocks, inviting you to try many different sitting positions. This chair truly takes motion to the next level and will ensure its users optimize their health all while sitting.

OYO is a style icon that adds an exclamation point to any contemporary, high-design environment. It is available in six colors including red, orange, kiwi (green), pacific (blue), graphite (dark gray) and sandstone (light gray). Initially will carry kiwi, pacific, graphite and red.


We’re excited to be the only US distributor of OYO, which will be ready for distribution this fall. We want everyone to experience the health benefits that OYO and motion seating offer, so we’re extending our early-bird, pre-order special pricing exclusively to our blog readers.

Order the OYO chair now and we’ll give you 15% off. This is the best pricing you will find on this innovative chair anywhere, we guarantee it. Just use coupon code: OYO15% at checkout on

We’d love to hear your feedback on OYO! Please leave a comment or question on this blog and we’ll answer it asap.

Cheers to more ways to keep moving!

~ Jenn Lytle



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Why the Swopper Chair is Great for Pregnancy

It seems as though every tradeshow I present swopper at, I always get a few women who say “this would have been great when I was pregnant” or “I used a physio ball during labor.” They immediately follow-up that sentence with “swopper feels so much more stable and safe, but gives the same benefits.”

Not having children (do furry babies count?), I decided to do some research on this as this was an application we don’t typically connect with swopper. We tend to associate swopper with an office setting, but when you stop and think about it, a motion chair is ideal for many non-office settings, including pregnancy.

What I found through my research is:

  1. The angle swopper puts you in helps relieve pressure on your back and joints, while also being adjustable to fit each individual.


  1. Swopper encourages gentle bouncing, which has been shown to encourage the baby to move into proper positions prior to labor.
  2. The chair also gets mom rocking and pelvic tilting, which again encourages the baby into a proper position and help relieve stress and pain on the mother.
  3. Exercise can tend to get limited as a pregnancy progresses. The simple motion on a swopper can help with circulation and keeping the body limber all while toning muscles.
  4. Mothers should trade a chair for a swopper at the computer, table or even while watching TV.  This way they will strengthen the lower back and have that open hip/spine angle.  Making them more comfortable but also preparing them for stress of labor.
  5. Studies have shown that the kind of motions you do on a swopper can help speed up the labor process and also make it shorter (I’m sure any mother would love that!)

Another bonus use for swopper is for feeding and comforting a baby.  Pacing for hours can be exhausting for a new mom, but simply rocking or gently bouncing can put a baby to sleep. Just make sure you are comfortable getting on and off without losing your balance before trying to sit down with a baby in your arms.

We recently shared swopper with mom blogger A Mom’s Take, who happened to be pregnant. Here’s what she had to say about using swopper during her pregnancy “Our chair arrived just before baby #5, and I loved used it while pregnant, especially. It gives you a lot of the feel of a yoga ball, without rolling away and being so low to the ground.”

So there you have it…another totally awesome use for a swopper outside the office environment! Are you a mother and have used a swopper during pregnancy? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

~ Sandra Bowie

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Five Professions That Need to Use Muvman Stools

Every time I present muvman to people they always love all the features and functions of the stool, the health and wellness benefits and the dynamic design.  Then as they play with it, you can see the wheels spinning in their head as to where they could utilize muvman.

Often in my day to day life, I come across people at their place of work and think “they could really benefit from a muvman.” Really anyone who spends much of their day standing or transitioning from a sit to stand position is primed for a muvman stool. 

I thought it would be fun to list out the top five professions I think could benefit the most from using a muvman.

Muvman Stool at work

  1. Lab/Pharmacy/Specialized Medical Procedures – most pharmacists work at higher counters, often standing for long periods. They also work in tight spaces that require freedom of movement. To me, the muvman is the perfect companion for these healthcare workers.The size of muvman is perfect for tight pharmacy space.  People who work with microscopes love muvman as it helps eliminate the “hunchback” posture due to the natural 4 degree forward tilt.   Also since there are typically a number of employees utilizing the same space, muvman can easily be adjusted to fit each individual.
  1. Architects/Designers – these folks often congregate around large project tables reviewing large plans or researching finishes and samples.  These meetings can be quite lengthy so muvman offers them options to perch or stand.  Also, being in the design business, they need to relay a look of high design themselves, present their firm as being cutting edge…and nothing says that better than muvman.
  1. Assembly & Manufacturing – many times these jobs can require an individual to do repetitive work, often not moving around too much, or working at height adjustable benches.  Having the option to perch on a muvman, but still have lateral motion to reach for tools, adjust up and down and/or move things down the line can cause less fatigue throughout their workday.
  1. Kiosks – I think anyone who works behind or in a kiosk situation is in a perfect position to use a muvman.  They typically have little room, stand for long periods of time, yet need to look at and be engaged with their customer.  Think of all those kiosks you see in the malls- Verizon, perfume/cosmetic etc…
  1. Bank Tellers – this is a no brainer!  Think of every bank teller you’ve ever dealt with….they stand!  Even if they have a typical stool to use, they don’t because it’s too big and bulky for their space and makes them sit further away from the counter and customer.  Then they are having to “hunch” forward to reach everything they need to do. The muvman is a great solution for anyone working as a bank teller.

These are only 5 areas, and as we know the applications are endless – elevator operators, high tech, higher education, gaming, hospitality, hobbyists, security guards, libraries, newscasters, toll booth operators, airline and car rental counters, muscians, mail sorters etc.  THE OPTIONS ARE ENDLESS.

Again….the 2 key points to remember about what jobs are ideal for a muvman:

  • Work areas that can go from a sit to perch to stand position.
  • People who are required to stand for long periods of time.  Muvman can alleviate the fatigue that comes with that.

Do you think people in your occupation could benefit from a muvman? Leave a comment with what you do.

~ Sandra Bowie, Motion Seating Director

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What is Ergonomics and How Does it Affect Your Work?

In the office furniture industry we hear the word “ergonomic” tossed around on a daily basis, but those outside our industry might not really understand what “ergonomics” is all about.

To break it down in a simple way – Ergonomics is the study of the kind of work you do, the environment you work in and the tools you use to do your job.


The goal of office ergonomics is to set up your office workspace so that it fits you and the job you are doing.  When your workstation is set up right you may:

  • Be less likely to have problems such as headaches or eyestrain
  • Reduce neck and back pain
  • Prevent conditions that are linked to doing the same task over and over (RSI – Repetitive Stress Injury)

It’s common for injury and illness to happen at work.  Both can cost you and your employer time and money, not to mention affect how well you do your job.  Working intensely over long periods of time without taking breaks greatly increases your risk for musculoskeletal injuries.

Taking regular breaks from your work and doing stretching exercises may reduce the risk of injury.  Try taking 3-5 minute breaks or changing your task or posture every 20-40 minutes.  Sounds easy, but as we all know, once we get to work on something we can easily find ourselves sitting/working statically for hours.

Using Swopper and Muvman and/or adjustable height desks can make this task of optimizing your worklife by improving it with ergonomic design and funtion easier than ever.

Have a question about ergonomics? Leave a comment, and I’ll do my best to answer them.

~ Sandra Bowie, Motion Seating Director

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