The Perfect Gift for a Health-Conscious Office Worker

The holidays are upon us, which means finding the perfect gift for your loved ones. Something unique, practical and special. Ideally something they’ll use every day, year round. If the person on your list is into health and wellness and works at 9-5 office job, we have the perfect gift idea.

The gift of motion seating.

Motion Office Chair

What is motion seating? It’s a revolutionary way to sit that allows you to stay in motion while you work. It combats the many health risks of prolonged sitting by keeping your body in a near-constant state of motion.

Motion office chairs allow a user to bounce, tilt and sway while sitting. This results in too many health benefits to name. Improved circulation, diminished back pain, more calories burned, better concentration and an overall boost in wellness.

There are four types of motion chairs to choose from when doing your holiday shopping:

swopper chair

  1. Swopper Chair
    Swopper is a groundbreaking motion chair that allows you to move in three dimensions while you sit. By keeping balance on the sprung seat your body is always slightly in motion. Since the swopper chair can tilt towards your working surface, there is no longer any need to hunch your back. Sitting on a swopper is just pure, simple fun!The swopper comes in a variety of colors and styles – swopper classic, swopper air, swopper saddle and swopper tall. Learn more about swopper. 
    Muvman Stool
  2. Muvman Sit to Stand Stool
    The muvman is the ultimate height adjustable motion chair. It’s perfect for anyone who prefers standing to sitting, like someone who uses a standing desk. The muvman easily transitions from sitting to standing height and allows you to sit, perch or stand with ease. Studies show transitional sitting, or shifting between sitting, standing and perching, to be the healthiest way to sit.Muvman is an intelligent seat that gives you proper support without causing pressure points. With lots of practical details, such as the grip for easy carrying of the seat, the Muvman stool is the ideal ergonomic office chair. The sleek look for Muvman, a design that has won national and international awards, rivals any modern office chairs.  Learn more about muvman.
  3. 3Dee Active Office Chair
    Perfect for someone who prefers a back to their office chair, 3Dee incorporates movement into a classic design. With 180 patents, such as the patented 3D technology, sets 3Dee apart from regular ergonomic office chairs. It supports and encourages movements to the side, forward, backward and even vertical swinging. In addition, the comfortable, semi-high back comes with individually adjustable lumbar support – ideal for conscious relaxation in between.3Dee has been called the “healthiest office chair” for its ability to improve posture, strengthen the back, nourish intervertebral discs, stimulate blood circulation and lymph flow, and even help burn additional calories. Learn more about 3Dee.
    oyo chair
  4. Oyo 
    This motion chair is a show stopper and a statement maker. Oyo cradles, bounces and rocks, inviting you to try many different sitting positions. It’s saddle-style seat lets you use your imagination when it comes to finding your most comfortable position.Available in four vibrant colors, oyo is an exclamation point to any contemporary, high-design environment. Learn more about oyo. 

When you give the gift of motion seating, you’ll be giving year round health and wellness. You’re giving someone a daily reminder to stay active and healthy. All of the motion office chairs listed above have recently had their prices slashed as well, so there’s never been a better time to buy.

Happy Holidays!


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Why a Standing Desk Alone May Not Help You Lose Weight

Many people who make the switch to a standing desk from sedentary sitting, assume this will help them lose pounds off the scale. A new study from the American Heart Association shows that weight loss may not be a reasonable expectation for standing desk users.

Standing desk weight loss

The study analyzed the results for more than 50 other studies that included more than 1,100 people to identify the increase in calories burned by standing desk users vs those who sat.

The results show that standing burned only an extra 0.15 calories per minute, on average, compared with sitting. In fact, for a person who weighs about 140 pounds, substituting sitting with standing for six hours a day would burn only an extra 54 calories per day, the study said.

Men showed to burn slightly more than women – an extra .2 calories per minute – due to their increased muscle mass. The study did show, that while weight loss was not shown, the extra calories burned may prevent new weight gain.

So what is the solution to optimizing weight loss while working? They key in to stay in motion. Motion chairs like swopper or 3Dee, allow you to bounce, tilt or sway while you work. This constant motion has the effect of burning up to 500 extra calories per day. If you love your standing desk, the muvman sit-to-stand stool allows you to easily transition between sitting, standing and perching to optimize your movement throughout the day.

swopper motion chair Muvman standing desk chair

When you sit in motion, your circulation is improved, your muscles are firing and you’re able to breathe more deeply. This has the effect of improving nearly every area of your wellbeing while also burning more calories than just sitting or just standing can.

The research is in, and it shows that staying both sitting and standing are less than ideal when it comes to weight loss. The best state to be in if you want to lose weight is to stay in motion.

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Five Places to Use a Motion Chair Outside of the Office

Once you experience a motion chair, it’s hard to turn back to sitting stationary. We hear quite often from users of swopper and muvman that they wish every chair had the ability to bounce, sway, tilt and move. In fact, many opt to replace chairs throughout their houses with motion chairs.

The high end, modern design of swopper and muvman mean that you can easily incorporate them into other spaces not specifically for work. No one would know they were “office chairs” upon looking at them.

We’ve seen swopper and muvman used in a lot of capacities beyond the typical office setting. To help spark some ideas, here are our top five ways to use a swopper or muvman outside of the office.

  1. Kitchen Counter Chair
    The muvman is the perfect height for a kitchen counter chair. The sleek design will compliment any modern aesthetic, and your guests will be amazed by it’s ergonomic functionality.
    Muvman Sit to Stand Chair
  2. Vanity Chair
    Add a pop of color and healthy movement to your vanity set up with a swopper chair. Tilt and reach all your makeup and hair tools easily with swopper’s three dimensional movement. Unique vanity chair
  3. Work shop 
    If you spend a lot of time in a work shop, muvman is an ideal chair to allow you to perch while you work on your projects. The height adjustable feature allows you to sit, stand or perch, which optimizes your performance and bench chair
  4. Conversational Chair in a Living Room
    Imagine having friends over for the game and bringing out a few muvman’s for them to perch on in your living room. Muvman is a great choice for a conversational chair that you can easily move wherever you need it.modern living room chair
  5. Craft or Sewing Room
    If you love being creative, a swopper is a perfect companion to any craft or sewing room. Put your swopper on casters and move freely to reach all your supplies. The three dimensional movement of a swopper also ensures better circulation, mood and creativity. craft room chair

Motion chairs are a great addition to every facet of your life. If you find that you spend time sitting a lot outside of the office, it’s worth investing in a swopper or muvman to incorporate healthy motion sitting into every area of your home.

How do you use your motion chairs? Tag us in a photo on Facebook or Instagram using #SocialSwopper!


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Why You Should Invest in a Good Office Chair

We spend thousands of dollars on our mattresses, cars and couches, but when it comes to our office chair, we often end up sitting on whatever our company provides or even worse those cheap chairs sold at big box stores. When the average individual spends between 50 to 60 percent of their day sitting, one has to wonder, why wouldn’t you invest in a good office chair?

Why invest in a good office cha

Scientific research over the past twenty years has consistently shown that a sedentary lifestyle can wreck havoc on your health. In fact, studies have shown a 112 percent increase in diabetes, 147 percent increase in cardiovascular disease, 90 percent increase in cardiovascular mortality, and a 49 percent increase in all-cause mortality in sedentary individuals.

So why is it, when we know the damaging effect sitting has on our body, that we are complacent to sit on any old office chair?

Did you know, the right office chair can actually improve your overall health vs harm it. Using a motion chair, like swopper or 3Dee, can help you maintain peak performance within the confines of a typical work environment.

The best office chair for your back

best ergonomic office chair

When you invest in an ergonomic motion chair, like swopper or 3Dee, you take the guesswork out of how to stay healthy while working in an office setting. Motion chairs allow your body to stay in optimal posture with three-dimensional movement – backwards, forwards, sideways and up and down too.

Moving while you sit also means you strengthen your core muscles, improve your posture, increase circulation and can even burn up to 500 additional calories a day. Apart from that, bouncing up and down is good for the mind and soul – because it is just plain fun!

Motion seating also means you don’t have to schedule in walking breaks every thirty minutes, like research suggest to mitigate the effects of sitting. Who wants to break out of their workflow to go for a walk every half hour?

When evaluating what office chair to buy, you can choose to invest in one that will elevate and improve your overall health, or one that leads you down the road of a sedentary lifestyle.

When determining the best use of your money, the answer seems clear, right?




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Why Standing All Day May Be Just as Harmful as Sitting

When faced with the dilemma of whether to sit or stand during the work day, many health conscious people choose a standing desk set up because they believe it to be the healthier alternative. New research out of the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences and the IWH are showing this may not be the case.


Standing at work

They studied 7,300 heart disease-free Ontario workers for 12 years, from 2003 to 2015, to compare their standing/sitting work habits with whether they developed heart disease. What they found is that workers who mainly stood – bank tellers, cashiers, chef and nurses for example – had higher rates of heart disease than workers who sat much of the day.

They correlated standing all day with increases in heart disease due to two factors: “the blood pooling in your legs and the other is by increased venous pressure in your body by trying to pump that blood back up to your heart.” To add to this, the Human Factors & Ergonomic Society (HFES) reported standing for long periods of time just as bad as sitting for long periods of time.

So what IS the best way to sit? We call it transitional sitting.

So if you sit most of the day, try to move more, and if you stand most of the day, try to work in sitting time. Transitional sitting is easy to achieve with the Muvman sit to stand chair. This ergonomic motion chair allows standing desk users to easily perch on the chair without having to lower the height of their workstation. Another option is the swopper High, which allows users an extra 4” of height while offering dynamic multi-dimensional movement.

Standing Desk Chair

With it’s ability to tilt forward and adjust height between 20 – 33″, Muvman allows you to reap the health benefits of standing AND sitting at once while staying in motion. Researchers agree that moving between sitting and standing while incorporating motion is the ideal work set up.

Click here to learn more about the Muvman and how it is the perfect chair for anyone looking to incorporate transitional sitting into their daily life. If you’re interested in swopper High, call us at 800-433-6614 for more information.

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More Research Shows Sitting Can Kill You. Here’s What You Can do About It.

It seems like every week more and more research is being released showing the health risks of prolonged sitting. It appears our modern lifestyle of sitting at a desk for 8+ hours a day is wrecking havoc on our bodies.

The latest bout of research to come out on the topic shows that there’s a direct connection between time spent sitting and early mortality. Published by the Annals of Internal Medicine, this study analyzed the daily sitting habits of nearly 8,000 adults over the age of 45.

Sitting health risks

The results were staggering – as your time spent sitting increases, so does your risk of early mortality. Lead author of the new study, Keith Diaz, told CNN “People who frequently sat for more than 90 minutes at a stretch had a nearly two-fold greater risk of death than those who almost always sat for less than 90 minutes at a stretch.”

To combat the adverse health risks of too much sitting, Diaz’s team suggests sitting for only 30 minutes at a time before getting up to move your body. “The best suggestion I can make is to take a movement break every half hour,” said Diaz. “Our findings suggest this one behavior change could reduce your risk of death.”

Motion seating, like on a swopper, muvman, 3Dee or oyo, is the simplest way to incorporate movement into your daily work routine. With these ergonomic chairs, you no longer have to worry about scheduling breaks every 30 minutes – often disrupting the flow of work. Instead, you’ll be moving almost continuously as you bounce, sway and tilt at your workspace.

When you sit in motion, your body is benefitting from increased circulation, improved posture and boosted mental focus and performance. You’ll likely notice your muscle composition increasing while back and hip pain diminished.

In short, if your lifestyle causes you to sit for more than 30 minutes at a time, research once again shows that movement is the key to maintaining optimal health.





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Informed Buyers Make Better Long Term Decisions

Have you ever done your research and started thinking…did I cover my most important questions? We are here to help answer your questions on the swopper chair, here are the top 3 questions we receive about them.

How do you sit correctly on a swopper?

Sit down in the center of the swopper seat so that the spring strut becomes an extension of your spine. Keep your balance with your buttocks and both legs with your feet flat on the floor.

Your pelvis should be slightly higher than your knees to form an open angle between hips and knees, this benefits your circulation. Bounce around a few times and you will then automatically sit up straight and your diaphragm is freed to help you breathe more deeply. Your body alignment enhances your intellectual performance by improving the supply of oxygen to your body.

If you are using the swopper at work, you need to shift your weight to move the seat towards your desk. This automatically brings your body into a position in which your spine moves freely and upright over the slightly inclined pelvis which helps you keep your back straight.  The spring strut of the swopper automatically takes over the forward tilt that your spine has to manage on its own when using a conventional office chair, which takes  the hunchback sitting position out of the equation.


Can I sit all day without a backrest?

The swopper is completely different than conventional chairs, with a conventional office chair, you do need a back support on it because you sit for long periods without moving. however, your muscles are not made for hours of holding one position as this is what causes tension and backache. On the swopper, however, your back remains constantly active and in motion and at any time  your body starts to feel fatigued you should begin moving on your swopper . This trains and strengthens your back and core muscles to help support your body in a better more balanced way.


What is the difference between a classic swopper and swopper air?

The classic swopper substructure is an all “foam seat head” with fabric over it.  It has a “firmer sit.”

With the swopper air, we are using a material that’s not foam. The hi-tech “3dea” material is used in i.c.u. beds and offers the following characteristics along with a “softer sit”:

  • very resilient
  • supportive where pressure is applied yet without pressure points
  • breathable due to its woven nylon filament
  • seat cover is a woven knit material that’s also very breathable and heat regulating.


Have more questions? We have more answers in our FAQ section on
Thank you for being an avid reader of our swopper blog!


Jennifer Lytle

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One small change has a big impact, special chairs for extra special kids.

What does it take to motivate a child? Could it be that one small change in seating options can help facilitate a whole new level of focusing on learning?


Michelle reached out to us months prior to school starting this year, she is a special education teacher that was ultimately curious as to how her students, many of whom are on the Autism spectrum, would react to a whole new way of active seating. We sent her two swopper chairs to use in her special education classroom and we wanted to share some of her feedback from the first month of school.


“Teaching seven 3rd-5th graders, all but one is on the Autistic spectrum and you should have seen their excitement for the newest additions to our classroom!! These students are used to having access to occupational therapy type jumping platforms, therapy balls etc…when they found out they couldn’t keep the chairs and they were just on loan there were many a pouty face to be seen.


After explaining that these were “work” chairs the students went to work!! Here’s some of my favorite feedback from the experience.


One student who speaks VERY little said “chair…can I have the red chair? I like the chair.” This is a huge win as he seldom requests anything!!

Swopper Chair Benefits

One student who dislikes doing work more than most had been sitting in a regular chair and chose to work longer while he sat on the swopper chair.


A few students comment that they want the cool chair and they all find it FUN!


I especially find that the students that have low core muscle tone have benefited the children to help build their core muscles and help maintain better-working positions in the swopper chair.


My overall feel for this seating solution is that when my students are having fun, they are more engaged and when they are more engaged they are learning more!!

Michelle R.,  M.Ed.

Special Education Teacher


Thank you for reading!

-Jennifer Lytle

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Six Tips for Successfully Working From Home

More and more of the workforce is leaving the office environment and embracing the work-from-home trend. Working from home is no longer relegated for independent contractors. In fact, many companies are eschewing the traditional office for better work life balance in an effort to attract top talent, regardless of where they’re located.

While working from home has many benefits, there are some potential issues. Follow the below tips to make working from home a success for yourself and your team.

  1. Keep to a Routine: It’s easy to get lax while working at home. Keep yourself to a strict routine – like always starting work by 8:30 am, breaking for lunch at noon and stopping for the day at 5:00 pm – to keep yourself on task.
  2. Set up a proper workspace: Designate an office space for yourself at home so you feel like you’re “going to work” when you enter that space. Get the appropriate work furniture like a stand up desk and Muvman sit to stand stool to make your space inviting and functional.
  3. Just say no to pajamas: Even though you aren’t seeing people face to face, getting dressed for work each day can help make you feel prepared to tackle your day.
  4. Reach out to coworkers daily: It’s easy to feel a bit isolated working from home. That’s why it’s important to make sure you’re having calls with coworkers daily to keep the lines of communication open and effective.
  5. Avoid distractions: A traditional workplace can have a lot of distractions, but working from home brings it’s own set as well. Set up a gate to keep children out of your workspace, don’t work in the same room as a tv and commit to limiting your web browsing.
  6. Know when to shut down for the day: When your work is at home, it’s easy to feel the urge to ALWAYS be working. Set limits for yourself and prioritize your family/down time too.
  7. Keep active: One of the perks of working from home is the ability to stay active without the curious stares of coworkers. Get outside in your backyard for a quick workout, go for a lunch time walk or invest in a motion office chair, like swopper, and bounce, tilt or sway the day away.

If you’re lucky enough to work from home, following these tips can make your workday for productive and enjoyable. Leave a comment with any tips you have for making working from home a success!

~ Jenn Lytle

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Exercises to Do At Your Desk

Let’s face it, sitting at a desk all day can wreck havoc on your body. Muscles sit unused and gains at the gym seem to waste away. Beyond taking breaks to walk, it can feel like there’s nothing you can do to combat the negative affects of sitting all day.

Thankfully with a bit of ingenuity, you can bring elements of your fitness routine right to your desk with simple, effective exercises that can be done at your desk.


Here are some of our favorite desk exercises to stay active in the office:

  1. Tricep dips. Utilize your desk to strengthen your upper arms and core.
  2. Wooden Leg: Or another term for leg lifts. Right from your chair you can strengthen your thighs, core and calve muscles.
  3. Invisible chair sit: Take a few minutes every few hours to do some squats right at your desk for a great all-body workout.
  4. Desk push ups: Use your desk again to do some angled push ups at your desk. Or impress your coworkers by doing traditional floor pushups every now and then.
  5. Invest in a motion chair: Keep your body in motion all day long without even thinking about it by using a swopper, muvman or 3dee motion chair. You can even burn up to 500 extra calories per day using one of these chairs, while also strengthening your body, core and legs.

Working in an office all day does not mean you have to lose your physical strength. Use these exercises to keep your shape up. Have some desk exercises to add? Leave your ideas in the comments!

~ Jenn Lytle

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