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Have you ever done your research and started thinking…did I cover my most important questions? We are here to help answer your questions on the swopper chair, here are the top 3 questions we receive about them.

How do you sit correctly on a swopper?

Sit down in the center of the swopper seat so that the spring strut becomes an extension of your spine. Keep your balance with your buttocks and both legs with your feet flat on the floor.

Your pelvis should be slightly higher than your knees to form an open angle between hips and knees, this benefits your circulation. Bounce around a few times and you will then automatically sit up straight and your diaphragm is freed to help you breathe more deeply. Your body alignment enhances your intellectual performance by improving the supply of oxygen to your body.

If you are using the swopper at work, you need to shift your weight to move the seat towards your desk. This automatically brings your body into a position in which your spine moves freely and upright over the slightly inclined pelvis which helps you keep your back straight.  The spring strut of the swopper automatically takes over the forward tilt that your spine has to manage on its own when using a conventional office chair, which takes  the hunchback sitting position out of the equation.


Can I sit all day without a backrest?

The swopper is completely different than conventional chairs, with a conventional office chair, you do need a back support on it because you sit for long periods without moving. however, your muscles are not made for hours of holding one position as this is what causes tension and backache. On the swopper, however, your back remains constantly active and in motion and at any time  your body starts to feel fatigued you should begin moving on your swopper . This trains and strengthens your back and core muscles to help support your body in a better more balanced way.


What is the difference between a classic swopper and swopper air?

The classic swopper substructure is an all “foam seat head” with fabric over it.  It has a “firmer sit.”

With the swopper air, we are using a material that’s not foam. The hi-tech “3dea” material is used in i.c.u. beds and offers the following characteristics along with a “softer sit”:

  • very resilient
  • supportive where pressure is applied yet without pressure points
  • breathable due to its woven nylon filament
  • seat cover is a woven knit material that’s also very breathable and heat regulating.


Have more questions? We have more answers in our FAQ section on
Thank you for being an avid reader of our swopper blog!


Jennifer Lytle

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Five Perfect Places to Put An OYO Chair

Meet OYO, the newest member of our family of motion seating! Designed for movement, the OYO chair allows a gentle rocking or swaying while still promoting great posture. With four vibrant color options, the OYO adds life and style to any room.

oyo chair unique rocking chair

This versatile chair can go nearly anywhere, but here are just a few ideas we have thought of so far.

Meeting/Collaboration Rooms

The OYO is comfortable and functional, allowing you to relax into the back or rock to keep your body moving and the creative juices flowing. With three sitting options – forward, backward or sideways – we’re sure anybody can find a sitting position perfect for them! With iphones, ipads and tablets in our hands, this chair lets you take advantage of all the ways you sit and work!

In a Nursey

The way the back of the chair wraps around you makes it perfect for leaning back and cradling that baby in your arms while gently rocking them, but it’s even better than a standard rocking chair. With the comfortable foam and secure rock, you may even put yourself to sleep.

Library or Den

It’s perfect for lounging in a cozy corner with your favorite book or relaxing in front of the TV. You could even sit and rock in it while playing your favorite video game.

A Teen or Dorm Room

Oyo is a great chair for the active young person. The colorful design makes it a fun addition to their personal space, and they’ll never get bored with the various sitting options. This chair has a large interior design element adding life and fun to any space!

At Your Desk


OYO Chair in Use5450

OYO is not your typical desk chair, but it fits, so rock it – literally!

Manufactured by aeris GmbH and distributed by Via Seating.

Aleta Simmons – Chair Wrangler


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Why the Swopper Exceeds All Your Expectations

Here at swopper, we’re confident in our innovative motion chairs. We’ve put together a few reasons we’re sure the swopper will exceed your expectations and may even be the only chair you’ll ever want.

Swopper Chair

Have you ever seen such a cool chair?
The swopper catches your eye even before you know what you’re looking at. Its fun, colorful design grabs attention and invites inquiries, making it a great conversation starter. Your co-workers won’t be able to pass your desk without asking about your bouncy chair. Be warned though, they’ll probably all want to try it out themselves!

You can make it completely your own!
With so many options, you’re sure to find the swopper that meets your needs. You can choose between a softer sit with the swopper Air or the slightly firmer swopper Classic. The red, orange and blue swopper Classic come with a matching color spring that will really brighten up any office space. You can even choose the made-to-order swopper and select a wheeled or non-wheeled base with virtually any fabric and color you could imagine! For the equestrians out there, we even have our swopper saddle!

It’s good for your whole body – physically and mentally!
Bouncing and moving on your swopper all day is a great way to keep your core muscles engaged and your blood flowing! Being in motion is also good for your mind. Studies have shown that staying active can help you retain information and encourage creativity.

Less pain, more gain!
Many swopper users have reported less back pain or even complete relief as a result of both the muscle strengthening swopper provides as well as not sitting in a static position that twists or bends your body into a position it was never meant to be in.

It’s more than just an office chair!
You may just find you like your swopper better than anything else you sit in. Maybe your kids could use one for homework time, to help them stay focused if they have a hard time sitting still. You might even decide you’d rather stay active and bounce on a swopper while reading or watching TV instead of slouching down in that old recliner!

How do you use your swopper? Share some of your ideas in the comments.

~ Aleta Simmons

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The Differences Between a Swopper Classic and Swopper Air

One of the most common questions we get from potential customers is “what is the difference between swopper Classic and swopper Air?” While it’s true that these chairs are very similar, there are some key differentiators that can make one chair the better choice for you over the other.


When working with a customer to try and decide which chair is best for him or her, I like to ask them some questions, like:

– Do you sleep on a firm or soft mattress?

– Do you require wheels on your chair?

– Are you the type of person that over-heats often?

All these questions help us deduce which chair – the swopper Air or the swopper Classic – is right for you. These three questions hit on the top three differentiators between the two chairs, which we’ll touch on now.

Three Main Differences Between Swopper Air and Swopper Classic

1. The cushioning on the chair top.

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 10.55.53 AM

Swopper Classic comes with a traditional foam chair, which is a firmer type of sit albeit very comfortable for most.

The swopper Air is made with a high-tech 3DEA Spacer Fabric. This three-dimensional textile consists of top and bottom layers that act similar to a memory foam, but with an immediate spring back once you get up. This is the same materials used in high-tech hospital beds, aimed to aid at rehabilitation and comfort. For this reason, we typically recommend the swopper Air for people who enjoy a softer, more plush chair.

2. The fabric used on the chair.

swopper classic microfiberswopper air mesh

The swopper Classic is covered in a microfiber fabric, which is soft to the touch and pleasing to the eye. It comes in a variety of colors including blue, black, gray, orange and red.

Swopper Air uses a mesh material that allows for air flow to move continuously while in use. The mesh material is great for people who tend to over-heat while at work. It keeps you cool while you bounce, sway and move.

3. Wheels or no Wheels

swopper wheels

Swopper Classic is not made with the option to add wheels to the bottom, while swopper Air does have the option to add wheels. If you have a large office and need to be able to wheel from one area to another, the swopper Air is your best bet.

To recap, if you tend to like a firmer surface, like the feel of microfiber, don’t tend to get too hot at work and don’t need wheels, then the swopper Classic is a great fit. If you like a plusher sit, need air circulation and prefer wheels, then swopper Air is your best bet.

Either way you go, buying a swopper motion chair is an excellent investment in your health and wellness. Swopper is the first ergonomic office chair in the world to move in all three dimensions – backwards, forwards, sideways and up and down – with the exclusive, three-dimensional ergonomic technology that adapts the chair to an individual’s body.

If you have any additional questions about the difference between swopper Classic and swopper Air, leave us a comment or email me (Jenn) at and I’ll be happy to help guide you.

~ Jenn Lytle

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How to Find the Perfect Sit: Swopper Adjustment Tips

Our swopper offers an array of natural sitting postures, along with controlled movement. With these ergonomic seating options, the chair follows the movement of the body and keeps the movement simple and natural. So, how do you find the perfect sit for your swopper? Let me help you with that.

If you want more of a softer sit then we recommend you try out the swopper Air. The swopper Air uses a high tech 3DEA spacer fabric that is found in hospital ICU beds that allows for a more breathable and softer sit.

swopper air

That being said, our Classic swopper is an ideal choice as well, so don’t leave that one behind!

swopper classic

Once you have selected the swopper of your choice, there are some ways for you to adjust it to find the perfect sit. You can adjust the swopper two different ways to give you more or less range of motion.

1. You can adjust the extent of the vertical movement to suit your weight and your personal preference. The optimum setting is when you can move freely up and down without bottoming out the swopper. This adjustment is found at the end of the spring where the dial is.

2. For flexible sideways movement, you will turn your swopper on its side and rotate the handwheel towards the (+) or (-) for more or less flexibility. The softer the setting, the greater demand on your muscles.

For more details on the swopper adjustments, watch this video.

We recommend starting off with a setting for reduced sideways movement and later adjusting the setting to provide as much movement as possible.

Now go find your perfect sit and enjoy the life of active seating!

-Lindsay McIntyre, Customer Service


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The Benefits of a Saddle-Style Seat

By now you’ve heard of the dangers of static sitting for long periods of time and the benefits of motion seating. Here at swopper, our motion seating is designed to alleviate back tension, encourage proper posture and improve better circulation. We’d now like to introduce you to swopper Saddle, our first chair to combine all the benefits of motion seating with a saddle-style seat.

With swopper Saddle, you still have the full range of motion as with the swopper Classic or swopper Air – full 360 degree tilt as well as vertical bounce. So why this seating option, versus our traditional swopper stools? Let’s look at how the saddle seat further encourages better posture, mobility and circulation!

Saddle-sitting improves leg circulation and reduces foot swelling. There is no edge to press against your upper leg, and your buttocks and leg muscles are free of contact pressure. The veins and arteries that carry blood to and from your legs are in their most open position. With the angles between upper and lower legs being much wider than usual and the active use of your legs accelerating your metabolism, your legs will really feel much better.

Saddle-sitting improves balance. The spread of the legs, called hip abduction, stabilizes the pelvis in an upright orientation, so you can relax. Your wide foot stance keeps you balanced when you move about. Balance is so dramatically improved that many people with neurological impairments sit independently in a saddle seat.

A saddle seat encourages better posture. The hip joints rest in a relaxed, open position and the spine is in perfect balance when you sit on a saddle chair.  The unique seat contour ensures you’ll bend forward from your hips, not from your back. You can reach further and more safely on a saddle chair. Saddle-sitting preserves your spinal curves even when you bend forward, while freeing your legs to move, which helps turning, moving and reaching out for things to be quick and safe.

Swopper Saddle
Available with or without wheels


Typical of all motion products, the swopper Saddle seat does take some getting used to. We recommend you give your body up to two weeks to allow yourself to adjust to any soreness that may be related to an unfamiliar sitting style. There’s good news for all the horse lovers or cyclists – this seating option will feel pretty natural!

~ Aleta Simmons

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Why You Should Invest in a Good Office Chair

In our industry it’s not uncommon to hear some people’s complete dismay to the price of some office chairs.  Mainly people think ”it’s just a chair, why is it so expensive?”

It’s true that there are chairs that are fairly inexpensive.  However these chairs can be low quality. They fulfill temporary need, but most likely within the near future end up in a landfill somewhere and the user has to purchase another one.

At the other end of the spectrum there are the really expensive chairs, but most likely they’re expensive for a reason i.e. materials, design, ergonomics etc.  As with anything there’s always a middle ground as well.

The old phrase “you get what you paid for” really hits the target when it comes to office seating products. What people don’t think about is how much use (and abuse!) an office chair gets.  For most people an office chair needs to support them for 7+ hours a day, 5 days a week. That adds up to a lot of “SITTING TIME!”

And of course you want to be comfortable and free of back pain during that time frame. This is where the boys get separated from the men – so to speak.

Swopper Materials

A good office chair is going to be:

  • Made with quality, durable components
  • Engineered to ensure proper ergonomic functions
  • Have options for the individual to make it fit their own needs
  • Include a great warranty and service
  • Showcase trend-setting design

Often new trends will come with a price attached because it’s new and different.  But hey…we all want to be trendsetters!!

All of these add up to make your sitting experience much more enjoyable. What’s your comfort worth?  Everyone will have a different answer to this based on personal preferences. But think about this…. we have no problem throwing down money for extremely expensive beds…why?  Because it’s comfortable, makes us feel better and we spend half of our lifetime in bed.

Why wouldn’t you think of a good office chair in the same context?  You spend a lot of time there too. I don’t know about you, but I would prefer to spend a little more upfront for quality vs spending less and buying the same thing over and over.  That definitely adds up in the end.

As we say at Swopper – we are dedicated to the sweet spot of seating! Customized not prescribed.

~ Sandra Bowie

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Behind The Scenes of How Your Motion Chair is Made

Have you ever wondered what goes into making something? Let me tell you first hand, the amount of tools, machines, and human touch that goes into the production of your motion chair is nothing short of miraculous. For every piece of equipment and every piece of material, you have at least two people physically touching and piecing together parts to make the masterpiece that you sit on.

Aeris, the German manufacturer of the swopper chair and all motion chairs sold on, has devoted itself to revolutionizing standing and sitting at the workplace. Their philosophy is as simple as it is effective: more movement, in three dimensions. They call it 3D ergonomics. For their customers (you!), this simply means better health, more motivation and higher productivity. And success proves us right! Aeris is ranked in the top 100 of the most innovative small and medium-sized German businesses. Now that is something to be proud of!

Each swopper, muvman or 3Dee chair is quite literally a work of art. Every chair is given personalized attention down to drawstring assembly and hand-steaming of seat fabrics to ensure the highest level of quality. Our team members pride themselves on a job well done, and that means holding hands through the entire process of producing your chairs! This approach shows in the beautiful craftsmanship each of our chairs embodies.

We wanted to give you a sneak peek inside the factory where all swoppers, muvmans and 3Dees are created.

swopper chair

aeris life in motion making a swopper chair

The 3Dee has an amazing amount of intricate parts that are assembled into the most innovative chair in the world!

3dee chair

Fully built 3dee active office chair

ergonomic office chair

As you can see, a lot goes into creating these innovative motion chairs, from Germany to the US and beyond. Learn more about what goes into the process of customizing and shipping out your swopper chair in this post about our own superstar located in Sparks, NV.

~ Jennifer Lytle

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All About the Muvman Tall

If you read this blog, then by now you are probably aware of our award-winning muvman active sit/stand stool.  It blurs the line between sitting and standing by offering a 13” height travel range to allow the user the option to “perch” at various heights, no longer just sitting or standing.

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 6.51.09 PM

For the majority of the population the standard muvman fits the bill with a height range of 20”-33”.

But did you know we offer a muvman TALL as well?  It has all the same great attributes as the standard but with a height range of 23”-36”, again a 13” height travel range!

Wow!  That’s a high stool.

Those of us who are vertically challenged can’t even get our tush onto it at the highest setting.

But for those people in the 6’2” and taller range…it’s a perfect fit.

Think of those tall people you see on an airplane practically turning themselves into a pretzel to fit into their seat with no leg room.  The same goes for the taller person sitting at the standard 29” high fixed desk with a standard task chair.  It just doesn’t fit them comfortably and is most likely going to cause back / posture issues or a host of other physical problems down the road.

With the increased use of the height adjustable desks many taller people are now much more comfortable in their work environment especially if they use a muvman TALL with that desk.

The beauty of all our motion chairs is the height ranges are different from the norm so they are all able to accommodate “many transitional” sitting positions.  Again, all bodies are different and everyone has different work styles….with our motion chairs : swopper, swopper AIR, muvman, muvman Tall and 3Dee – we can accommodate everyone’s work style.

You can find out more about the muvman tall here. If you have specific questions, leave a comment and I’ll respond within 24 hours.

~ Sandra Bowie, Motion Seating Director


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