Your Chair Could be the Key to Feeling Great

Look around your home or your office. How many chairs do you see? There was a time when sitting was a pretty rare occurrence. We spent much of our day moving – hunting, farming, walking to town etc. Now the average American sits 10+ hours per day.

It may seem alarmist to think that something as innocuous as sitting could harm our health, but more and more research is showing just how risky our sedentary lifestyles can be. The fact of the matter is our bodies are not meant to stay stationary all day. We are meant to move!

chair key to feeling great

While it’s not always possible to create a lifestyle that supports movement, you can give your health the benefit of movement by choosing the right chair. When you ditch the standard stationary office chair for an ergonomic motion chair, like swopper, you unlock a plethora of health benefits including the below.

  • swopper motion chair
  • Better posture and a stronger back
    When you sit on a swopper, you are naturally encouraged to have perfect posture. Swopper keeps you moving in three dimensions. This frequent change of movement causes you to adopt new posture and sit up straight more often. The movement also has the effect of strengthening your back muscles.
  • Increased circulation
    Sitting a swopper causes you to sit up straighter, which frees your diaphram and makes you breathe more deeply. This results in a boost to circulation. The swopper chair is ideal for anyone who suffers from vein issues.
  • More focus and performance
    When circulation is increased, so is our blood flow to the brain. This helps us stay alert, focused and have the ability to concentrate longer.
  • Lower risk of heart disease, cancer and premature death
    Research has showed that sitting for too long causes increased risk of heart disease, certain types of cancer and can even lead to early death. When you sit on a motion office chair, you reduce your risk by incorporating movement into your day.
  • Improved joint health and reduced risk of arthritis
    Moving your joints stimulates the formation of synovia (joint fluid). This helps to lubricate the joints. Nature has built our body to use our joints slightly all the time. This tightens the ligaments and tendons, which helps us avoid joint diseases like arthritis.

These are just some of the ways sitting on the right office chair can improve your overall health. When you take the leap into sitting in motion, you are choosing to prioritize your health in all facets of your life. Swopper is the perfect chair to get your body moving and feeling great while you work.


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