How to Create an Ergonomic Work Space

Ergonomics is the study of how people use the objects in their workspace. Specifically, it focuses on how to arrange items in a workspace to improve usability and functionality. The goal is to have optimal height, distance and movement in your workspace to avoid any straining or inconvenience.

There are several areas of your workspace that should be given special ergonomic focus. Once your space is dialed in, you will relieve any uncomfortable movements, muscle aches or tension from your working habits.

ergonomic work space

Five ways to create an ergonomic work space:

  1. Choose a chair that moves with you. When you sit on a motion office chair, like a swopper, you are able to tilt forward or side to side with ease. This eliminates any straining or reaching for objects on your desk. Swopper’s movement also keeps your core muscles engaged and your posture ideal to prevent any slouching that may lead to back pain.

    ergonomic office chair

  2. Position your screen at the right height. Make sure your computer screen is high enough so you are not looking down at it. This is especially important if you work on a laptop. There are numerous screen boosters that are inexpensive, so you can ensure you are looking at your screen straight on vs down or up.
  3. Place your keyboard and mouse so you have room to rest your wrists. Avoid carpal tunnel by making sure you have room to rest your wrists on your work surface while you are typing. This ensures proper support and prevents you from straining your wrist and lower arm muscles.
  4. Use a headset when talking on the phone. Eliminate the need to hold your phone with your hand – or worse, with your neck – by using a headset. This also allows you to maximize your free hands to take notes while on a call.
  5. Opt for a height adjustable desk and chair. If you like the idea of being able to stand or sit while at work then a height adjustable desk and chair, like muvman sit to stand stool, may be your best option. Having a height adjustable work space allows you move flexibility and movement throughout your day.
    height adjustable chair

When you have an ergonomic work space, you’ll find everything just feels easier. Your body feels healthy, your more efficient and more productive. Have a question about ergonomics? Email us any time at and one of our ergonomic experts will help you out.


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