Five Father’s Day Gift Ideas for When You Want to Spoil Dad

Here at Swopper, we love our dads! We also have several dads who work in our offices. This year we decided the dad’s we know deserve the best of the best, so we scoured our favorite brands and websites for the ultimate Father’s Day gift guide for when you want to spoil dad good.



  1. The social drinker… He likes to have company over to share the top American whiskey. Buy your dad, father in law, or special guy in your life the best money has to offer. Thomas H. Handy Sazerac offers a straight Rye Whiskey for around $399.Apple watch
  1. The gadget guy…He likes to show off the latest watch, phone, or electronic, and loves to compare notes with other techy types. Indulge his inner geek with an apple watch, because no one does tech quite like Apple. Starting at $599

3Dee chair

  1. The work-a-holic He doesn’t just go to work – he practically lives there. Get your dad something he can beproud to sit on, combined with an ergonomic solution that may spare his back and pain or discomfort. The 3Dee Active Office Chair is German made and almost as good as the new BMW he wants. Starting at $1,395. For a limited time you can get Dad a 3Dee or Muvman, our popular sit-to-stand chair, for 15% off. Use coupon code FATHERSDAY15% on
  1. The sports fan… In the past you’ve purchased coffee mugs, t-shirts, tie’s, blankets, and misc other team logo items for dad. It’s time to level up! Purchase an in person visit to his favorite player, and really gain his attention! #bestdad #sportsfans #dadoftheyearMan Tables


  1. The couch potato for the man that needs a remote for his remote, a chair the leans him forward to better see the game, the guy who eats in front of the TV, and who loves to cheer on his whole family from a seated position. I give you the man fridge. Tastefully designed to fit in with your décor! Starting at $449 it is a steal never to be asked to go get dad another soda again.

Whatever you choose to get dad this year for Father’s Day, let’s commit to making our dad’s feel our love and gratitude, because they deserve it!

Jennifer Lytle – Proud daughter to the best step-dad and father in-law ever!





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