Five Places to Use a Motion Chair Outside of the Office

Once you experience a motion chair, it’s hard to turn back to sitting stationary. We hear quite often from users of swopper and muvman that they wish every chair had the ability to bounce, sway, tilt and move. In fact, many opt to replace chairs throughout their houses with motion chairs.

The high end, modern design of swopper and muvman mean that you can easily incorporate them into other spaces not specifically for work. No one would know they were “office chairs” upon looking at them.

We’ve seen swopper and muvman used in a lot of capacities beyond the typical office setting. To help spark some ideas, here are our top five ways to use a swopper or muvman outside of the office.

  1. Kitchen Counter Chair
    The muvman is the perfect height for a kitchen counter chair. The sleek design will compliment any modern aesthetic, and your guests will be amazed by it’s ergonomic functionality.
    Muvman Sit to Stand Chair
  2. Vanity Chair
    Add a pop of color and healthy movement to your vanity set up with a swopper chair. Tilt and reach all your makeup and hair tools easily with swopper’s three dimensional movement. Unique vanity chair
  3. Work shop 
    If you spend a lot of time in a work shop, muvman is an ideal chair to allow you to perch while you work on your projects. The height adjustable feature allows you to sit, stand or perch, which optimizes your performance and bench chair
  4. Conversational Chair in a Living Room
    Imagine having friends over for the game and bringing out a few muvman’s for them to perch on in your living room. Muvman is a great choice for a conversational chair that you can easily move wherever you need it.modern living room chair
  5. Craft or Sewing Room
    If you love being creative, a swopper is a perfect companion to any craft or sewing room. Put your swopper on casters and move freely to reach all your supplies. The three dimensional movement of a swopper also ensures better circulation, mood and creativity. craft room chair

Motion chairs are a great addition to every facet of your life. If you find that you spend time sitting a lot outside of the office, it’s worth investing in a swopper or muvman to incorporate healthy motion sitting into every area of your home.

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