How to Find the Perfect Sit: Swopper Adjustment Tips

Our swopper offers an array of natural sitting postures, along with controlled movement. With these ergonomic seating options, the chair follows the movement of the body and keeps the movement simple and natural. So, how do you find the perfect sit for your swopper? Let me help you with that.

If you want more of a softer sit then we recommend you try out the swopper Air. The swopper Air uses a high tech 3DEA spacer fabric that is found in hospital ICU beds that allows for a more breathable and softer sit.

swopper air

That being said, our Classic swopper is an ideal choice as well, so don’t leave that one behind!

swopper classic

Once you have selected the swopper of your choice, there are some ways for you to adjust it to find the perfect sit. You can adjust the swopper two different ways to give you more or less range of motion.

1. You can adjust the extent of the vertical movement to suit your weight and your personal preference. The optimum setting is when you can move freely up and down without bottoming out the swopper. This adjustment is found at the end of the spring where the dial is.

2. For flexible sideways movement, you will turn your swopper on its side and rotate the handwheel towards the (+) or (-) for more or less flexibility. The softer the setting, the greater demand on your muscles.

For more details on the swopper adjustments, watch this video.

We recommend starting off with a setting for reduced sideways movement and later adjusting the setting to provide as much movement as possible.

Now go find your perfect sit and enjoy the life of active seating!

-Lindsay McIntyre, Customer Service



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