Sitting All Day? Do This Instead of Breaks Every 30 Minutes

In nearly every article or study about the negative health effects of prolonged sitting, experts suggest taking a five minute walking break every 30 minutes of sitting. The thought is that frequent breaks disrupt the ill effects caused by sitting like poor circulation, diabetes, heart disease and more.

take a break every 30 minutes of sitting

If the average American works 10 hours a day, that advice results in 17 five minute breaks per day for a total “break time” of 85 minutes. While disrupting sitting time with walking breaks may improve health outcomes, it can take it’s toll on productivity, which may cause us to actually have to work even more hours.

And if we’re being realistic, it’s unlikely most office workers are regimented about taking these breaks. When you’re in a meeting or in a flow state on a project, it’s easy to see how those breaks can be pushed to the wayside.

The good news is modern ergonomics and engineering making it possible for office workers to reap the benefits of moving their bodies without the forced “break schedule” to worry about.

When you use an ergonomic motion chair like swopper, your body stays slightly in motion all day. It is a subconscious movement that doesn’t disrupt your concentration or work flow. In fact, it helps improve concentration and performance by optimizing circulation, oxygen intake and muscular comfort.

ergonomic office chair

Sitting in motion means effortlessly achieving all the health benefits of movement without the mental load of leaving your work to take regular walks. Your posture is naturally aligned, your muscles are loose and any previous back pain is diminished.

If you’re worried about what sitting all day is doing to your body, yet struggle with keeping a strict “break” schedule, using the right ergonomic office chair may be the missing link to achieving optimal health with excellent work performance.


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