Lean on Me – Muvman, the Sit to Stand On Trend Option

Who knew that doing your 9 to 5 job could be contributing to the downfall of your health?

“Sitting is the new smoking.”
“Sitting for long periods of time at work can take years off of your life.”

Headlines like these have raised awareness to the dangers of sitting behind a desk all day – rest assured, for every problem there’s a solution and via seating has the perfect one for you!

At a recent show, more specifically the biggest international exhibition of workplace furniture in the world – Orgatec, new trends were defined and expanded on the idea of “sit to stand”. Orgatec is a biennial gage of what’s happening in the workplace specifically for trends and insights that are transforming office spaces as we know it.

Some emerging trends touched on the idea of shorter formal meetings – where standing desks and leaning chairs made the meetings more informal, shorter and played on the idea of keeping things concise. With $37 billion lost per year in the US to unproductive meetings – who isn’t for having a ‘leg up’ on production (no pun intended).

While “sitting is the new smoking”, stand up workstations and meeting spaces (with leaning chairs) aren’t for everyone. Keeping this in mind, a healthier compromise has been met – the “sit to stand” option! via seating takes pride in being on trend with its aeris line of motion seating products, specifically muvman. muvman responds to the motion of the sitter with a sit to stand/lean option, allowing for more flexibility. muvman allows you to work at a sitting as well as a standing position with the option of heights in-between! This way you can enjoy the full range of motion at any desk and not  be confined to sitting or standing and weighing in at 13lbs, muvman is the perfect solution for any area where a small footprint is required.

Having an active office with a height adjustable desk and a muvman is committing to a healthy lifestyle that will improve your calorie burn, give you more energy and increase your productivity – not to mention, you’ll be so on trend!


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