Too Much Sitting Increases Heart Disease in Older Women

A new study from published in the Journal Circulation has a dire warning for women older than 60 – don’t sit for long periods of time. The study, which looked at the sedentary behaviors of 5,638 women over the age of 60, reported that sitting was linked to an increase in cardiovascular disease.

older women sitting heart disease

The women were studied 24 hours a day for seven days using an hip-mounted accelerometer to measure their movements. Researchers monitored the frequency which they sat/laid down and also the duration of their sedentary time. Participants were then followed over the next five years.

The results showed that for every additional hour of sedentary time, the risk for cardiovascular disease rose by 12%. The findings were even worse if the sedentary sessions were long and uninterrupted. Those who sat for long periods had a 52% higher risk than those who had shorter bouts of sitting.

“Higher amounts of sedentary time and longer sedentary bouts were directly associated with cardiovascular disease,” said John Bellettiere, Ph.D., research fellow of cardiovascular disease epidemiology at the University of California, San Diego, and lead author of the study. “Importantly, the association showed up regardless of a woman’s overall health, physical function, and other cardiovascular risk factors, including whether they also were engaging in moderate to vigorous physical activity.”

Researchers encouraged older women to reduce their time spent sitting and to break up bouts of sitting with short bursts of walking, stretching or any movement.

Even if you no longer work in an office environment, motion chairs like Swopper, can still be useful in breaking up time spent being sedentary. Many Swopper users opt to sit on their motion chair and bounce while watching TV, sitting with friends or reading a book.

The benefits of moving while you sit are numerous, but a large one is the increase in circulation. When your blood is flowing properly, your risk of cardiovascular disease from too much sitting is diminished.



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