New Study Shows Sitting Increases Death Risk from 14 Diseases

Between commuting, working at a desk and watching TV, the modern American sits on average 12+ hours per day. A new study from the American Cancer Society says all that sitting may lead to an early death from one of 14 diseases.

The study, collected data on nearly 128,000 men and women who were part of an American Cancer Society prevention study. At the start of the study, all were free of major chronic diseases. During 21 years of follow-up, nearly 49,000 people died. The researchers used the data to make connections between time spent sitting and the increased risk of mortality from various diseases.

sitting linked to early death

What they found is if you sit for six hours a day or more, your risk of dying early jumps 19 percent, compared with people who sit fewer than three hours.

More specifically, the research showed that prolonged sitting increases your risk of death from 14 diseases, including: cancer; heart disease; stroke; diabetes; kidney disease; suicide; chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD; lung disease; liver disease; peptic ulcer and other digestive disease; Parkinson’s disease; Alzheimer’s disease; nervous disorders; and musculoskeletal disorders. Each disease had a different increased risk from sitting, ranging from 10 percent for cancer to 60 percent for musculoskeletal disease.

“The simple message is that we should be moving more,” said lead researcher Alpa Patel. “The less sitting you do, the better it is for you,” she said. “Breaking up an hour of sitting with 2 minutes of standing or light activity can improve cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure.”

It’s clear sitting for too long day in and day out can have a dire affect on your health. The tricky part is figuring out how to incorporate movement into your lifestyle while maintaining your office job, long commute and relaxing activities. As if the stress of our modern life wasn’t enough, we now have to worry that it’s killing us!

The good new is, when you use a swopper or 3Dee office chair your body naturally stays in motion.

swopper chair 3Dee Chair

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