One New Year Resolution That Will Change Your Life (With No Effort Needed)

With the New Year quickly approaching, most people are starting to think of the goals and resolutions they want to achieve. Typically these include fitness, healthy eating, professional achievements or personal development. The problem with New Years resolutions is that many find after the initial motivation wears off, it’s hard to stick to your initial plan.

What if I told you there was a way to improve your physical and mental well being without any conscious effort? If there was a way to increase muscle tone, improve your posture, boost your mental clarity & focus AND burn calories while doing something you’re already doing every day, would you believe me?

ergonomic office chair

I’m talking about motion seating, of course. Making one small change to your daily routine can have vast impacts on your overall wellness. When you switch out your basic office chair for a motion chair like swopper, muvman, 3dee or oyo, your body will reap innumerable benefits including:

  • Naturally improved posture – elimination of slouching
  • Increased muscle tone and strength in your back and core
  • Improved circulation through deeper breathing
  • Up to an additional 500 calories burned daily – just by sitting
  • Better concentration and alertness as your body’s neurophysiological functions are stimulated
  • Less muscle aches and pains – motion naturally loads and relieves your muscles and intervertebral discs
  • Boosted mood – bouncing and swaying while you sit is just plain fun!

The best part is that you can achieve all the benefits above without much conscious effort. Once you choose motion sitting, your body and mind adjust to this new way of sitting until it becomes second nature to be in motion. Imagine feeling relaxed, focused and free from aches and pains as you work.

When you utilize motion seating, you also can release any worries or fears you may have about what the affects of siting all day are doing to your health. Numerous studies have shown that sitting all day is literally killing us – heart disease, stroke, obesity – these are just some of the many negative health conditions a sedentary lifestyle can cause.

Do yourself a huge favor this year and invest in a motion office chair. The time you spend sitting at work shouldn’t wreak havoc on your health. With swopper, muvman, 3dee or oyo, you can not only avoid the affects of prolonged sitting, but you can actually improve your overall health while you work.



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