Five Jobs That Require The Most Prolonged Sitting

The modern workplace often means sitting for much of the day in front of a computer. In fact, the average person spends 12 hours a day sitting. All this sitting can wreak havoc on our health by causing a sore back, stiff joints, weight gain and more.

Beyond the daily health complaints, living a sedentary lifestyle can have massive impacts on your wellbeing. In fact, physical inactivity is the 4th leading risk factor for global mortality and there are 3.2 million deaths a year related to physical inactivity.

jobs that you sit the most at

There are many professions that leads to a lot of sitting time. The top five jobs that require the most sitting according to Bureau of Labor Statistics include:

  1. Software developers: 10% standing, 90% sitting
  2. School bus drivers: 17.6% standing, 82.4% sitting
  3. Accountants: 19.7% standing, 80.3% sitting
  4. Insurance sales agents: 19.7% standing, 80.7% sitting
  5. Lawyers: 24.1% standing, 75.9% sitting

If you have one of the jobs, it’s safe to say you probably sit a lot of the day. Even if you don’t have one of these top five professions, if you work in an office setting at a computer, it’s likely an issue for you as well.

So what can you do to combat the health risks associated with prolonged sitting?

  1. Use a motion office chair. Swopper and 3Dee are specifically designed to keep your body in constant motion by bouncing, tilting and swaying. This movement negates the health risks that sedentary sitting brings. Your core and back muscles are engaged, your circulation is moving and overall your well being is optimal.
  2. Incorporate transitional sitting. When you have the ability to sit, stand or perch during your work day, you are able to move your body throughout these various positions. Experts say changing your body position while working is the best way to stay healthy. Using a height adjustable chair, like Muvman, allows you to easily move between sitting, standing and everything in between.
  3. Make movement a priority. It’s easy to get into the flow state at work and not want to break your concentration. Experts say though, you should move your body every thirty minutes to combat the risks with prolonged sitting. This can be a walk to the water cooler, a quick stretch or even a few push ups to get your blood moving.

If your professions requires a lot of sitting, don’t despair. You don’t have to switch careers to save your health! Just by making a few key changes to the way you sit and work can make a world of difference in your health.

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Three Things You Do Every Day at Work That Hurt Your Health

The average person will spend 90,000 hours at work during their lifetime. How you spend your time at work can have a huge impact on your health. Unfortunately our modern work environment is not well-suited for how our bodies are meant to function.

workplace health risks

Our ancestors spent much of their time moving – hunting, gathering and running from predators. Our modern lifestyle often means we spend much of the day sitting in front of a computer, only to come home and sit in front of a television. All this sitting is doing damage to our bodies.

You may think your time spent at the office is not contributing to the decline of your health, but you may be surprised to learn that every day habits may be harming you more than you realize.

Three Things You Do Every Day at Work That Hurts Your Health

  1. Poor Posture. It’s natural to slump when you are sitting all day at your desk or in meetings. Your back and core muscles weaken over time as you rely on your office chair’s backrest. Poor posture can lead to a myriad of health issues like back pain, neck pain and poor concentration.The Solution: Sitting on a motion chair, like a swopper, keeps your body in perfect posture. The constant movement strengthens your back muscles and helps keep your core engaged. Removing the back of the chair keeps you from slumping as you work. The result? Diminished back pain and a stronger body.
  2. Lack of Movement. When you get engrossed in a project, it’s natural to stay sitting for hours at a time. We forget how important it is to move our bodies regularly. When we stay sedentary, we are asking for a host of health issues including heart disease, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. The Solution: Experts suggest getting up to move and stretch every thirty minutes while you work. What’s even easier? Using a motion chair, like 3Dee, to keep your body in near-constant motion. You won’t need to disrupt your work flow and will still get all the benefits from being in motion.
  3.  Staying In One Position. Even if you use a standing desk, there are still health risks. In fact, experts say it’s not good to sit OR stand for too long. Studies show people who stand all day at work have a 2-fold higher risk of heart disease than those who sit.The Solution: Master the art of transitional sitting – or moving between sitting, standing and perching throughout your day. Experts say this is the ideal way to work. The easiest way to achieve this set up is with a height adjustable desk and chair, like Muvman. Muvman seamlessly adjusts to work with a standing or sitting height desk, making it easy to transition between the two.

We spend so much of our lives at our work, it’s important to think about how to stay healthy while you’re there. Simple adjustments, like what chair you sit in, can have a major impact on your overall health and wellbeing.

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How to Create an Ergonomic Work Space

Ergonomics is the study of how people use the objects in their workspace. Specifically, it focuses on how to arrange items in a workspace to improve usability and functionality. The goal is to have optimal height, distance and movement in your workspace to avoid any straining or inconvenience.

There are several areas of your workspace that should be given special ergonomic focus. Once your space is dialed in, you will relieve any uncomfortable movements, muscle aches or tension from your working habits.

ergonomic work space

Five ways to create an ergonomic work space:

  1. Choose a chair that moves with you. When you sit on a motion office chair, like a swopper, you are able to tilt forward or side to side with ease. This eliminates any straining or reaching for objects on your desk. Swopper’s movement also keeps your core muscles engaged and your posture ideal to prevent any slouching that may lead to back pain.

    ergonomic office chair

  2. Position your screen at the right height. Make sure your computer screen is high enough so you are not looking down at it. This is especially important if you work on a laptop. There are numerous screen boosters that are inexpensive, so you can ensure you are looking at your screen straight on vs down or up.
  3. Place your keyboard and mouse so you have room to rest your wrists. Avoid carpal tunnel by making sure you have room to rest your wrists on your work surface while you are typing. This ensures proper support and prevents you from straining your wrist and lower arm muscles.
  4. Use a headset when talking on the phone. Eliminate the need to hold your phone with your hand – or worse, with your neck – by using a headset. This also allows you to maximize your free hands to take notes while on a call.
  5. Opt for a height adjustable desk and chair. If you like the idea of being able to stand or sit while at work then a height adjustable desk and chair, like muvman sit to stand stool, may be your best option. Having a height adjustable work space allows you move flexibility and movement throughout your day.
    height adjustable chair

When you have an ergonomic work space, you’ll find everything just feels easier. Your body feels healthy, your more efficient and more productive. Have a question about ergonomics? Email us any time at and one of our ergonomic experts will help you out.

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How to Stay Active When You Work a Desk Job

If you’re like the more than 80% of Americans who work an office job, your life likely consists of an average 5 hours and 41 minutes per day sitting at your desk plus 7 hours sleeping at night. That is a lot of time for your body to be sedentary.

Experts suggest getting 150 minutes of exercise per week, which equates to around 21 minutes seven days a week. But when you work a demanding office job, which likely has hours that exceed the typical 40 hour work week, how are you supposed to fit in that much needed movement?

Stay Active At Office Job

Below are five ways to stay active when you work an office job (and none of them involve the gym).

  1. Use an active motion office chair, like swopper. When you sit on a motion office chair, like swopper, you are keeping your body constantly in motion while you work. Your core and back muscles are engaged and your posture is ideal. This eliminates much of the health risks that come with prolonged sitting. Plus you can burn up to an extra 500 calories per day just sitting.motion office chair
  2. Go for walking meetings. Banish the boring conference room for your next meeting and instead take things for a walk. This is especially effective if you are meeting with just one or two other people. Either walk the halls or go outside to get some fresh air while you collaborate.
  3. Institute “plank o’clock.” Break up the monotony of the day by choosing a time every day to complete a 60 minute plank at your work space. Better yet – engage your coworkers to do it all together as a way to get everyone’s blood pumping during the typical afternoon slump.
  4. Bike to work. If you live within biking distance to work, this can be a great way to stay active with limited time. Cycling has been shown to burn 400 and 1000 an hour, depending on intensity and rider weight.
  5. Use a height-adjustable desk and chair, like muvman. When you have the ability to raise or lower your desk and work chair, you unlock the ability to engage in transitional sitting – or the form of sitting experts say is the healthiest. Basically it means you move between sitting, standing and perching to maximize movement within your body. Muvman is the ultimate height adjustable chair, with a height range of 20 – 33″ or 23.5 to 36″ for the tall version.

    height adjustable chair

Working an office job often means you need to consciously weave movement and activity into your daily life. Thankfully it doesn’t mean you have to slave away at the gym. Institute the above ideas and you’ll be on your way to optimal activity that fits into your life.

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What Research Says About The Healthiest Way to Sit at Work

By now we know that sitting is the new smoking, and that prolonged standing also has health risks. So what IS the healthiest way to sit?

healthiest way to sit

In a study out last year in the Journal of Epidemiology on 7,000 office workers, it was determined that the risk of cardiovascular disease with occupations combining sitting, standing, and walking may be lower than occupations people stay in one position for prolonged periods.

It seems again and again, science shows that the answer isn’t sitting vs. standing, but a combination of both. The idea of transitional sitting means to keep your body moving through various positions throughout the day – ie moving between sitting, standing and perching.

Our bodies are meant to move. Think about it. Our ancestors didn’t sit or stand for long periods of time. They were constantly moving –  hunting, gathering and resting. Our modern lifestyle of staying in one position for long stretches of time goes against our very nature.

Many researchers say the way to combat the negative affects of being sedentary is to get up and move every 30 minutes. That can be highly disruptive when you’re in a flow state at work. Who wants to stop what they’re doing and go walk every 30 minutes anyway?

So how can you master transitional sitting? The best way is to utilize an height adjustable desk and ergonomic work chair – like the Muvman stool.

height adjustable chair

Muvman allows you to sit, stand and perch while also supporting movement side to side, forward and backwards. It’s height adjustable range of 20 – 33″ allows you to easily adapt to any workspace. The tall version adds additional height with a 23.5 to 36″ range of height – perfect for users 6 feet or taller.

When your workspace is set up for height adjustments, you are able to sit when you want to rest, stand when you feel motivated and perch for those in between times. The movement of the Muvman chair also lets you keep your hips moving, core muscles engaged and legs active. This movement is near constant, which is how we were meant to work.

If you’re looking for the healthiest way to sit, the research is clear … combine sitting, standing and perching while also keeping in motion to unlock the healthiest way to work.

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The Healthiest Office Chair May Not Be What You’d Expect

Americans who are employed full time work an average of 47 hours each week. For most, that means a lot of time sitting in front of a computer. We already know that prolonged sitting has many detrimental effects on our health, but what can an office worker do?

best office chair

Many workers hope to find an office chair that eases their back aches, helps support their posture and alleviates their concerns about what sitting is doing to their body. Typically, the thought is that the more supportive the chair the better.

The truth is that you can have a chair with the most plush seat, perfect lumbar support and ideal back support, but your problems will still remain. Why? Because at the day, you’re still stuck sitting still. No amount of leather or cushion will change that.

So what’s the solution? Sitting in motion.

An ergonomic motion chair like swopper keeps your body in constant fluid motion, which immediately combats the health risks from sedentary sitting. When you sit on a swopper, you are able to bounce, tilt and sway while you work, which is how our bodies were designed to move.

ergonomic office chair

Swopper strips away the unnecessary elements of an office chair, like the back rest and arm rests, and instead trains your body to maintain strong back and core muscles. The result is excellent posture, alleviated back pain, better circulation and on. Really the improvements seen once you switch to sitting in motion can be staggering.

If you’re on the hunt for the best ergonomic office chair, or an office chair for back pain, know that as long as you’re sitting still, its likely your problems will persist. Using a motion office chair quickly becoming the gold standard for office workers who want optimal health.

You can try a swopper risk free for 30 days with our hassle free returns. We know you’ll love the newfound freedom your body will feel once you allow it to move throughout your work day.

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Research Shows Standing at Work Can Help You Lose Weight

The average American sits on average more than seven hours a day, making us one of the most sedentary in the world. A new study released by the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology shows that using a standing workspace for six hours a day can lead to weight loss over time.

standing desk weight loss

The study combines the best available research on sitting, standing and energy expenditure to make a strong case for the benefits of standing while working.

The study, which distills the findings of 46 studies with a combined enrollment of 1,184 participants, showed that if the average office worker were to stand vs sit for six hours a day, he or she would burn an additional 54 calories a day.

At first glance, that may not seem very impactful, but over the course of a year it amounts to losing 5.5 lbs of body fat.

While standing provides a leg up on weight loss, experts are quick to point out that just standing is not necessarily the healthiest way to work. The key is to keep your body moving naturally through short walks, stretching or alternating sitting and standing aka “transitional sitting.”

Standing Desk Chair

The Muvman sit to stand stool allows you to move between sitting, standing and perching while keeping your body in motion, making it the healthiest way to sit. If you are looking to keep your body in peak health while you work, incorporating transitional sitting into your day is the way to go.

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How Excessive Sitting May Damage Your Heart

It seems like every week there’s a new study being released about the health dangers of leading a sedentary lifestyle. The latest study, released in Circulation, shows an alarming connection between prolonged sitting and injury to the heart.

prolonged sitting and heart injury

The researchers pulled data from an existing ongoing study called the Dallas Heart Study overseen by the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. They looked at 1,700 of the study participants, excluding any who had heart disease or symptoms of heart failure, such as chest pain or shortness of breath. Specifically, researchers looked for participants levels of Troponins, or proteins produced by cardiac-muscle cells when they are hurt or dying.

Cardiologists believe even slightly elevated levels of troponins is harmful as it indicates that damage is being done to the heart, which may lead to eventual heart failure. Researchers found that study participants who sat for 10 hours or more a day had elevated levels of troponins. Levels that were high enough to constitute “subclinical cardiac injury,” according to the study’s authors.

Overall, sitting was more strongly associated with unhealthy troponin levels than exercise was with desirable amounts, even when other factors like age, gender, BMI and overall health were taken into consideration.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women with more than 1 in 4 deaths stemming from heart disease. Given that most of us work in an office setting that requires 8-10 hours at a desk, it’s downright scary seeing the clear correlation between prolonged sitting and heart injury.

When you incorporate movement int your work day, by sitting on a motion office chair, going for a walk every 30 minutes and keeping up with an exercise routing, you can effectively avoid many of the risks that come with our modern sedentary lifestyle. In fact researchers in this study showed that the people who moved the most tended to have lower amounts of troponin in their blood.

Just one more reason to invest in the power of motion sitting with a swopper, muvman or 3Dee.

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One New Year Resolution That Will Change Your Life (With No Effort Needed)

With the New Year quickly approaching, most people are starting to think of the goals and resolutions they want to achieve. Typically these include fitness, healthy eating, professional achievements or personal development. The problem with New Years resolutions is that many find after the initial motivation wears off, it’s hard to stick to your initial plan.

What if I told you there was a way to improve your physical and mental well being without any conscious effort? If there was a way to increase muscle tone, improve your posture, boost your mental clarity & focus AND burn calories while doing something you’re already doing every day, would you believe me?

ergonomic office chair

I’m talking about motion seating, of course. Making one small change to your daily routine can have vast impacts on your overall wellness. When you switch out your basic office chair for a motion chair like swopper, muvman, 3dee or oyo, your body will reap innumerable benefits including:

  • Naturally improved posture – elimination of slouching
  • Increased muscle tone and strength in your back and core
  • Improved circulation through deeper breathing
  • Up to an additional 500 calories burned daily – just by sitting
  • Better concentration and alertness as your body’s neurophysiological functions are stimulated
  • Less muscle aches and pains – motion naturally loads and relieves your muscles and intervertebral discs
  • Boosted mood – bouncing and swaying while you sit is just plain fun!

The best part is that you can achieve all the benefits above without much conscious effort. Once you choose motion sitting, your body and mind adjust to this new way of sitting until it becomes second nature to be in motion. Imagine feeling relaxed, focused and free from aches and pains as you work.

When you utilize motion seating, you also can release any worries or fears you may have about what the affects of siting all day are doing to your health. Numerous studies have shown that sitting all day is literally killing us – heart disease, stroke, obesity – these are just some of the many negative health conditions a sedentary lifestyle can cause.

Do yourself a huge favor this year and invest in a motion office chair. The time you spend sitting at work shouldn’t wreak havoc on your health. With swopper, muvman, 3dee or oyo, you can not only avoid the affects of prolonged sitting, but you can actually improve your overall health while you work.


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The Perfect Gift for a Health-Conscious Office Worker

The holidays are upon us, which means finding the perfect gift for your loved ones. Something unique, practical and special. Ideally something they’ll use every day, year round. If the person on your list is into health and wellness and works at 9-5 office job, we have the perfect gift idea.

The gift of motion seating.

Motion Office Chair

What is motion seating? It’s a revolutionary way to sit that allows you to stay in motion while you work. It combats the many health risks of prolonged sitting by keeping your body in a near-constant state of motion.

Motion office chairs allow a user to bounce, tilt and sway while sitting. This results in too many health benefits to name. Improved circulation, diminished back pain, more calories burned, better concentration and an overall boost in wellness.

There are four types of motion chairs to choose from when doing your holiday shopping:

swopper chair

  1. Swopper Chair
    Swopper is a groundbreaking motion chair that allows you to move in three dimensions while you sit. By keeping balance on the sprung seat your body is always slightly in motion. Since the swopper chair can tilt towards your working surface, there is no longer any need to hunch your back. Sitting on a swopper is just pure, simple fun!The swopper comes in a variety of colors and styles – swopper classic, swopper air, swopper saddle and swopper tall. Learn more about swopper. 
    Muvman Stool
  2. Muvman Sit to Stand Stool
    The muvman is the ultimate height adjustable motion chair. It’s perfect for anyone who prefers standing to sitting, like someone who uses a standing desk. The muvman easily transitions from sitting to standing height and allows you to sit, perch or stand with ease. Studies show transitional sitting, or shifting between sitting, standing and perching, to be the healthiest way to sit.Muvman is an intelligent seat that gives you proper support without causing pressure points. With lots of practical details, such as the grip for easy carrying of the seat, the Muvman stool is the ideal ergonomic office chair. The sleek look for Muvman, a design that has won national and international awards, rivals any modern office chairs.  Learn more about muvman.
  3. 3Dee Active Office Chair
    Perfect for someone who prefers a back to their office chair, 3Dee incorporates movement into a classic design. With 180 patents, such as the patented 3D technology, sets 3Dee apart from regular ergonomic office chairs. It supports and encourages movements to the side, forward, backward and even vertical swinging. In addition, the comfortable, semi-high back comes with individually adjustable lumbar support – ideal for conscious relaxation in between.3Dee has been called the “healthiest office chair” for its ability to improve posture, strengthen the back, nourish intervertebral discs, stimulate blood circulation and lymph flow, and even help burn additional calories. Learn more about 3Dee.
    oyo chair
  4. Oyo 
    This motion chair is a show stopper and a statement maker. Oyo cradles, bounces and rocks, inviting you to try many different sitting positions. It’s saddle-style seat lets you use your imagination when it comes to finding your most comfortable position.Available in four vibrant colors, oyo is an exclamation point to any contemporary, high-design environment. Learn more about oyo. 

When you give the gift of motion seating, you’ll be giving year round health and wellness. You’re giving someone a daily reminder to stay active and healthy. All of the motion office chairs listed above have recently had their prices slashed as well, so there’s never been a better time to buy.

Happy Holidays!


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