How to Get Your Office in the Holiday Spirit

We’ve been doing everything we can to get even our grumpiest co-workers in the holiday spirit. From a holiday cookie bake-off to a Christmas tree in the lobby and blinking lights on our cubicles, holiday cheer is in the air! Here are a few pro tips to get your office ready!

Step 1: Decorate a Christmas tree

Office christmas tree

Step 2: Put up lights

festive office decor decorate office for christmas

Step 3: Bake cookies!

office cookies

Step 4: Buy everyone Santa hats. Make the office Grinch wear the dunce cap!

via seating team

The sky is the limit, but hopefully these ideas will get your started. Feel free to share some of your own ideas with us!

Happy holidays from the swopper team!

Aleta Simmons – Official Office Grinch

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Five Perfect Places to Put An OYO Chair

Meet OYO, the newest member of our family of motion seating! Designed for movement, the OYO chair allows a gentle rocking or swaying while still promoting great posture. With four vibrant color options, the OYO adds life and style to any room.

oyo chair unique rocking chair

This versatile chair can go nearly anywhere, but here are just a few ideas we have thought of so far.

Meeting/Collaboration Rooms

The OYO is comfortable and functional, allowing you to relax into the back or rock to keep your body moving and the creative juices flowing. With three sitting options – forward, backward or sideways – we’re sure anybody can find a sitting position perfect for them! With iphones, ipads and tablets in our hands, this chair lets you take advantage of all the ways you sit and work!

In a Nursey

The way the back of the chair wraps around you makes it perfect for leaning back and cradling that baby in your arms while gently rocking them, but it’s even better than a standard rocking chair. With the comfortable foam and secure rock, you may even put yourself to sleep.

Library or Den

It’s perfect for lounging in a cozy corner with your favorite book or relaxing in front of the TV. You could even sit and rock in it while playing your favorite video game.

A Teen or Dorm Room

Oyo is a great chair for the active young person. The colorful design makes it a fun addition to their personal space, and they’ll never get bored with the various sitting options. This chair has a large interior design element adding life and fun to any space!

At Your Desk


OYO Chair in Use5450

OYO is not your typical desk chair, but it fits, so rock it – literally!

Manufactured by aeris GmbH and distributed by Via Seating.

Aleta Simmons – Chair Wrangler


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Why the Swopper Exceeds All Your Expectations

Here at swopper, we’re confident in our innovative motion chairs. We’ve put together a few reasons we’re sure the swopper will exceed your expectations and may even be the only chair you’ll ever want.

Swopper Chair

Have you ever seen such a cool chair?
The swopper catches your eye even before you know what you’re looking at. Its fun, colorful design grabs attention and invites inquiries, making it a great conversation starter. Your co-workers won’t be able to pass your desk without asking about your bouncy chair. Be warned though, they’ll probably all want to try it out themselves!

You can make it completely your own!
With so many options, you’re sure to find the swopper that meets your needs. You can choose between a softer sit with the swopper Air or the slightly firmer swopper Classic. The red, orange and blue swopper Classic come with a matching color spring that will really brighten up any office space. You can even choose the made-to-order swopper and select a wheeled or non-wheeled base with virtually any fabric and color you could imagine! For the equestrians out there, we even have our swopper saddle!

It’s good for your whole body – physically and mentally!
Bouncing and moving on your swopper all day is a great way to keep your core muscles engaged and your blood flowing! Being in motion is also good for your mind. Studies have shown that staying active can help you retain information and encourage creativity.

Less pain, more gain!
Many swopper users have reported less back pain or even complete relief as a result of both the muscle strengthening swopper provides as well as not sitting in a static position that twists or bends your body into a position it was never meant to be in.

It’s more than just an office chair!
You may just find you like your swopper better than anything else you sit in. Maybe your kids could use one for homework time, to help them stay focused if they have a hard time sitting still. You might even decide you’d rather stay active and bounce on a swopper while reading or watching TV instead of slouching down in that old recliner!

How do you use your swopper? Share some of your ideas in the comments.

~ Aleta Simmons

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How Your Posture Affects Your First Impression

Research has shown that 60 to 90 percent of our communication with others is nonverbal, which means our body language and posture is very important to making a strong first impression. Think about it! If you meet a new business associate and they stand slumped over and have a weak handshake, what do you think first: that they are a strong, trustworthy partner to do business with, or that they lack confidence and drive?

posture first impression

Presenting yourself in every situation with a strong stance, firm handshake and attentive eyes will help you create a lasting first impression that business associates, friends and even strangers will remember.

So what is proper posture and how can you work to perfect it?

proper posture while sitting

Good posture includes standing or sitting with your back straight, shoulders back, head up and chin lifted. A good way to check and readjust your posture is to move your arms straight over your head, with palms together. Split your arms behind your head and slowly bring them to your sides. This will get your spine, neck and shoulders into proper position.

It’s very easy to slip into poor posture when sitting in a stationary office chair. You can combat poor sitting posture by using a motion chair like swopper. Swopper constantly engages your core and forces your spine into optimal position. Over time your core muscles strengthen and you will find sitting with great posture is second nature.

Learn more about posture and the benefits of motion seating on our website, or start shopping for your swopper motion chair right now. With the right tools, you can improve your posture and make a great first impression.

~ Jenn Lytle



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Why Marketing Professionals Need Motion Seating

Advertising and marketing is the combination of artistic ingenuity, quantitative and qualitative research, show business, and just plain business, all rolled into one. It employs some of the brightest and most creative economists, researchers, artists, producers, writers, and business people in the country today. It is the marriage of analysis and imagination, of marketing professional and artist.

When you see the offices of these professionals, you are often struck with how unique and inspiring the work spaces are. They are very design driven and often have color, bright open spaces, and collaborative areas. They are flexible and often allow for different work styles, to encourage interaction and freedom of expression & thought.

They also tend to have the latest tools, office products, and furniture that contribute to keeping things up to date and cutting edge. Everyone is fighting to have their ideas and products noticed in very crowded and competitive environments, so staying ahead of the curve is critical.

While the culture can be very warm and fun, there also tends to be a certain amount of stress based on deadlines, and often long hours brainstorming ideas trying to come up with breakthrough concepts.

The combination of stress, static sitting, and working long hours that often come with a marketing position can take its toll on employee health, the cumulative effects of which really add up.

Marketing companies who want to attract the best and brightest talent understand they must be on the cutting edge of design, functionality and ergonomics when it comes to their workplace set up. Their employees need the flexibility to sit, stand, bounce, sway and MOVE all throughout the day. Especially since it’s been shown that movement increases creativity.

Marketing companies and professionals have been early adopters of motion “active office” chairs like swopper, muvman, and 3Dee. These chairs fit so well in these types of environments because they encourage and support people with the health and wellness benefits of three dimensional active sitting while they work throughout the day. Plus they fit the modern, functional aesthetic design today’s fresh workplaces are looking for.

Do you work in the marketing industry? Tell us how motion seating would benefit you in the comments.

~ Chas Hepler

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5 Ways to Strengthen Your Core Muscles

Nothing is more frustrating than putting in the hours at the gym, eating healthy and still feeling like your body refuses to work with you. Sometimes the solution may be as simple as using the proper technique in all your exercises. If you’ve spent any time around a trainer, you’ve probably heard them talk about engaging your core.

Ideally, working your core muscles should be a part of everyday life. If you’re doing all that lifting without these important muscles engaged, not only do you run the risk of serious injury, but you probably aren’t getting the most out of your workout!

How to strengthen your core

Five Ways To Strengthen Your Core:

1) Make sure you’re engaging correctly!

This may sound like a silly first step, but if you aren’t properly engaging those core muscles, you’re not getting the workout you think you are. It’s easy and almost more intuitive to just suck in your tummy when someone tells you to use your core, but that’s almost the complete opposite of actually working those muscles. Make sure your stomach muscles are tight, as if bracing or steadying the rest of your body (hint: you should be able to breathe while doing this)!

2) Test your balance!
How often do you find yourself standing in one place? In line at the grocery store or bank, waiting to pick up a child from school, or maybe standing at your work desk? Tighten your core and balance on one foot any time you are standing stationary. Start with one leg bent slightly at the knee; see how high you can hold it and maintain balance. You can also keep that raised leg moving by straightening it in front of you and then bending it again. Got that mastered? Try it with your eyes closed! Also, don’t forget to alternate legs!

3) Throw on some boxing gloves!
This one may require some extra equipment and a friend, but it’s worth it! Practice some kickboxing moves either with a heavy bag or having a friend hold some body pads. Your core should be firmly engaged with every swing and every kick for maximum power!

4) Walk the plank!
Any idea why so many people hate planking? It works! A proper plank position will not only engage your core muscles but also put those shoulders and glutes to the test. Get down in a push-up position and hold for as long as you can. Stay focused on keeping your body aligned the whole time. If you want more of a challenge, switch it up with side planks, or place your feet on a towel and slide them in towards your navel and back out.

5) Keep moving at work with the swopper FIT app for your iPhone!
This app is perfect for reminding you to move even while sitting at your desk. The app walks you through an array of movements that you can do on your swopper motion chair without interrupting your work day. Keep your co-workers wondering what you’re up to as you bounce along on your swopper with your earbuds in and swopper FIT app running!

Having a stronger core has many benefits, which may include relief of lower back pain due to improper posture and lifting techniques. If you’re short like me, improved posture might just make you feel an inch or two taller! So tighten those muscles, get moving, and enjoy a happier, healthier lifestyle!

~ Aleta Simmons

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3 Tips For Creating A Healthier Workplace

What comes to mind when we say “creating a healthy workplace?” Snacking on healthier food choices or sitting in an active seating chair, or maybe even creating a mentally healthier mind. There are several different things that someone can do to ensure that they are working in a healthy environment.

Healthy Workplace

1. Stop the Spread of Germs

One of the biggest complaints is breaking the chain of germ transmission between employees. It’s so easy to pick up a virus working so closely with people, especially this time of year. You use the same coffee maker; you push the same button on the copy machine. Even a simple hand shake can lead to a cold of flu. That’s why you must break that chain of germ transmission and wash, wipe and sanitize… repeat, if you must!

2. Make Healthy Food and Drink Choices

What about healthy eating or snacking? You spend most of your day at work, so it’s no surprise that your workplace eating habits can have a major impact on your health. We have a couple tips which may help you have proper nutrition at work.

First, you need to ditch the junk food; throw away those crackers and unhealthy snacks that you have stashed. Replace that junk food with balanced snacks like nuts, dried fruit, etc. Second, you must plan your meals and eat at least 3 healthy meals a day with at least two snacks.  Lastly, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! There is nothing better for you than water.

3. Start Moving! 

Healthy workplace

Working doesn’t have to mean sitting sedentary all day, you can actually use that time to work on your posture and your core. Everything that encourages movement is positive for your health, which is why active seating is a great option for sitting and is more than just wellness; it adds health into your everyday life! That’s why the OYO, muvman, swopper and 3DEE have become so widely popular.

Take these tips and apply them to your work environment. Have the whole office on board so you can be sure that your work place is clean and healthy.

~ Lindsay McIntyre

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The Differences Between a Swopper Classic and Swopper Air

One of the most common questions we get from potential customers is “what is the difference between swopper Classic and swopper Air?” While it’s true that these chairs are very similar, there are some key differentiators that can make one chair the better choice for you over the other.


When working with a customer to try and decide which chair is best for him or her, I like to ask them some questions, like:

– Do you sleep on a firm or soft mattress?

– Do you require wheels on your chair?

– Are you the type of person that over-heats often?

All these questions help us deduce which chair – the swopper Air or the swopper Classic – is right for you. These three questions hit on the top three differentiators between the two chairs, which we’ll touch on now.

Three Main Differences Between Swopper Air and Swopper Classic

1. The cushioning on the chair top.

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 10.55.53 AM

Swopper Classic comes with a traditional foam chair, which is a firmer type of sit albeit very comfortable for most.

The swopper Air is made with a high-tech 3DEA Spacer Fabric. This three-dimensional textile consists of top and bottom layers that act similar to a memory foam, but with an immediate spring back once you get up. This is the same materials used in high-tech hospital beds, aimed to aid at rehabilitation and comfort. For this reason, we typically recommend the swopper Air for people who enjoy a softer, more plush chair.

2. The fabric used on the chair.

swopper classic microfiberswopper air mesh

The swopper Classic is covered in a microfiber fabric, which is soft to the touch and pleasing to the eye. It comes in a variety of colors including blue, black, gray, orange and red.

Swopper Air uses a mesh material that allows for air flow to move continuously while in use. The mesh material is great for people who tend to over-heat while at work. It keeps you cool while you bounce, sway and move.

3. Wheels or no Wheels

swopper wheels

Swopper Classic is not made with the option to add wheels to the bottom, while swopper Air does have the option to add wheels. If you have a large office and need to be able to wheel from one area to another, the swopper Air is your best bet.

To recap, if you tend to like a firmer surface, like the feel of microfiber, don’t tend to get too hot at work and don’t need wheels, then the swopper Classic is a great fit. If you like a plusher sit, need air circulation and prefer wheels, then swopper Air is your best bet.

Either way you go, buying a swopper motion chair is an excellent investment in your health and wellness. Swopper is the first ergonomic office chair in the world to move in all three dimensions – backwards, forwards, sideways and up and down – with the exclusive, three-dimensional ergonomic technology that adapts the chair to an individual’s body.

If you have any additional questions about the difference between swopper Classic and swopper Air, leave us a comment or email me (Jenn) at and I’ll be happy to help guide you.

~ Jenn Lytle

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Common Misconceptions About Swopper

Some of us have been sitting on a swopper for so long, it’s hard to remember how we first felt about it. It’s equally hard to imagine ever sitting on anything else for long periods of time. If we think back though, there was a time for each of us before we first encountered the swopper, and making the switch to active seating may not have been the easiest thing.

For those of you that are new to the idea of sitting in motion, we want you to know you’re not alone. Any questions or hesitations you may have were probably shared with all of us at one time, so we’d like to try and ease your mind. We’ve compiled a list of the most common misconceptions… just give us the opportunity, and we’ll show you these are nothing to fret over!

  1. I need a backrest.

No, you don’t. I will admit, this was one of my original concerns. I’m a sloucher. I understand in my head that the swopper is supposed to prevent that, but I was still a little stubborn about not having the option to use the worst possible posture I could come up with. Sitting up straight IS hard to get used to, but that’s the whole point. Your body needs to be re-trained to use the muscles it has. If you’re sitting on your swopper properly, your back isn’t even near the spot a backrest WOULD be.

  1. I can’t get any work done while bouncing, and once I start bouncing I won’t be able to stop!

This can be tricky, especially if you type all day. It may take some getting used to, but you will find a happy medium. Just to prove it can be done, I’m bouncing on my swopper air as I type this! The swopper allows so many movement options that you really can sit upright when you need to, lean side to side when reaching for things or when you need to stretch, and get in some bouncing when you really want to get your body moving.

  1. I’ll fall right off!

Well, you might. My daughters fall off the couch all the time, but we still keep those (the couches… and the daughters)!

  1. I need armrests.

No, you don’t. This was also my struggle, probably even more so than wanting a backrest. I’m prone to “golfer’s elbow” in both arms (nope, I don’t golf), and my elbows get very stiff if they stay in one position. I was concerned my arms would always be in pain without having anything to support them. However, much like anything else, my body has adapted and with strengthening over time, not having anything to rest on doesn’t bother me any longer.

  1. It’s too expensive.

The price point on a swopper is similar to other chairs in its class – it’s not the cheapest seat you’ll find, but it’s not the most expensive either.
To really consider the cost of the swopper, you have to also take into account what you are gaining and ask yourself how much your health and wellness are worth. How much will an injured back cost you in the long run? As an employer, how much can you save by ensuring your employees are in their best health, eliminating days off for injuries, doctor visits and even surgeries?

  1. I tried it, and my back hurts WORSE!

If this is the case, answer this: Is it the same pain you’re used to? Does it feel like the same old back pain, caused by a lifetime of not treating your back properly? Or is it more like the soreness you feel after a good workout? Chances are, that pain you’re feeling isn’t because the swopper is hurting you… It’s because you’re using muscles that have gone unused for far too long! Give the swopper a chance to really strengthen those core muscles, and we’re almost sure you’ll be impressed with your own results!

We hope once you give it a try you’ll understand just how we all feel about our swopper, despite what our initial reactions may have been. If you still don’t believe us, we do offer a 30-day return policy at, in case you are not fully satisfied!

~ Aleta Simmons

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How to Find the Perfect Sit: Swopper Adjustment Tips

Our swopper offers an array of natural sitting postures, along with controlled movement. With these ergonomic seating options, the chair follows the movement of the body and keeps the movement simple and natural. So, how do you find the perfect sit for your swopper? Let me help you with that.

If you want more of a softer sit then we recommend you try out the swopper Air. The swopper Air uses a high tech 3DEA spacer fabric that is found in hospital ICU beds that allows for a more breathable and softer sit.

swopper air

That being said, our Classic swopper is an ideal choice as well, so don’t leave that one behind!

swopper classic

Once you have selected the swopper of your choice, there are some ways for you to adjust it to find the perfect sit. You can adjust the swopper two different ways to give you more or less range of motion.

1. You can adjust the extent of the vertical movement to suit your weight and your personal preference. The optimum setting is when you can move freely up and down without bottoming out the swopper. This adjustment is found at the end of the spring where the dial is.

2. For flexible sideways movement, you will turn your swopper on its side and rotate the handwheel towards the (+) or (-) for more or less flexibility. The softer the setting, the greater demand on your muscles.

For more details on the swopper adjustments, watch this video.

We recommend starting off with a setting for reduced sideways movement and later adjusting the setting to provide as much movement as possible.

Now go find your perfect sit and enjoy the life of active seating!

-Lindsay McIntyre, Customer Service


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