Fourth of July Traditions + 15% Off Coupon

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Here at Swopper, we really appreciate our staff, and would love for you to get to know us better. We are celebrating Fourth of July by taking the 3rd of July off to spend with our families, but we thought it might be nice to share a few special family traditions from some of our employees. Please feel free to share your special memories with us as well; we’d like to make a tradition of sharing those with our team after the holiday weekend.


“Every summer my family would go to Clear Lake, California. We would all load in our boat and drive over to watch the fireworks over the lake and “ooo & aww” together.  I still love this to this day.”

– Lindsay


“Independence Day means heading up to Lake Tahoe to enjoy the mountain air, swim in the clear blue water, enjoy some ice cold libations, and end the day watching the fireworks in Kings Beach.  The bright reflections on the still water make the fireworks show that much better! Happy 4th of July!”

– Stephanie


“Every year we pile up in the back of the truck and go up to the top of the mountain overlooking downtown Reno and Sparks to watch the fireworks go off. We tune into the radio station that synchronizes the music to the show, which is our favorite part. It’s awesome!”

– Ashley


My favorite memory, one that I have continued with my children, is to go to South Lake Tahoe, CA. We watch the fireworks from the backyard of a home on the South shore so that we can see 4 different fireworks shows from across the lake. The closest one is the downtown area, and these are spectacular to watch as they reflect off the lake. We cuddle in blankets and all sit together with family, friends, and pets after a day of bbq’ing. Happy 4th of July!

– Jennifer

swopper coupon code

As a token of our appreciation, we’re offering our readers 15% off any red or blue swopper classic. Just use coupon code USA15%OFF when you check out on

We hope you have a safe holiday weekend!

– Jennifer Lytle – Director, Customer Service

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Why the Swopper Chair is Great for Pregnancy

It seems as though every tradeshow I present swopper at, I always get a few women who say “this would have been great when I was pregnant” or “I used a physio ball during labor.” They immediately follow-up that sentence with “swopper feels so much more stable and safe, but gives the same benefits.”

Not having children (do furry babies count?), I decided to do some research on this as this was an application we don’t typically connect with swopper. We tend to associate swopper with an office setting, but when you stop and think about it, a motion chair is ideal for many non-office settings, including pregnancy.

What I found through my research is:

  1. The angle swopper puts you in helps relieve pressure on your back and joints, while also being adjustable to fit each individual.


  1. Swopper encourages gentle bouncing, which has been shown to encourage the baby to move into proper positions prior to labor.
  2. The chair also gets mom rocking and pelvic tilting, which again encourages the baby into a proper position and help relieve stress and pain on the mother.
  3. Exercise can tend to get limited as a pregnancy progresses. The simple motion on a swopper can help with circulation and keeping the body limber all while toning muscles.
  4. Mothers should trade a chair for a swopper at the computer, table or even while watching TV.  This way they will strengthen the lower back and have that open hip/spine angle.  Making them more comfortable but also preparing them for stress of labor.
  5. Studies have shown that the kind of motions you do on a swopper can help speed up the labor process and also make it shorter (I’m sure any mother would love that!)

Another bonus use for swopper is for feeding and comforting a baby.  Pacing for hours can be exhausting for a new mom, but simply rocking or gently bouncing can put a baby to sleep. Just make sure you are comfortable getting on and off without losing your balance before trying to sit down with a baby in your arms.

We recently shared swopper with mom blogger A Mom’s Take, who happened to be pregnant. Here’s what she had to say about using swopper during her pregnancy “Our chair arrived just before baby #5, and I loved used it while pregnant, especially. It gives you a lot of the feel of a yoga ball, without rolling away and being so low to the ground.”

So there you have it…another totally awesome use for a swopper outside the office environment! Are you a mother and have used a swopper during pregnancy? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

~ Sandra Bowie

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Five Father’s Day Gift Ideas for When You Want to Spoil Dad

Here at Swopper, we love our dads! We also have several dads who work in our offices. This year we decided the dad’s we know deserve the best of the best, so we scoured our favorite brands and websites for the ultimate Father’s Day gift guide for when you want to spoil dad good.



  1. The social drinker… He likes to have company over to share the top American whiskey. Buy your dad, father in law, or special guy in your life the best money has to offer. Thomas H. Handy Sazerac offers a straight Rye Whiskey for around $399.Apple watch
  1. The gadget guy…He likes to show off the latest watch, phone, or electronic, and loves to compare notes with other techy types. Indulge his inner geek with an apple watch, because no one does tech quite like Apple. Starting at $599

3Dee chair

  1. The work-a-holic He doesn’t just go to work – he practically lives there. Get your dad something he can beproud to sit on, combined with an ergonomic solution that may spare his back and pain or discomfort. The 3Dee Active Office Chair is German made and almost as good as the new BMW he wants. Starting at $1,395. For a limited time you can get Dad a 3Dee or Muvman, our popular sit-to-stand chair, for 15% off. Use coupon code FATHERSDAY15% on
  1. The sports fan… In the past you’ve purchased coffee mugs, t-shirts, tie’s, blankets, and misc other team logo items for dad. It’s time to level up! Purchase an in person visit to his favorite player, and really gain his attention! #bestdad #sportsfans #dadoftheyearMan Tables


  1. The couch potato for the man that needs a remote for his remote, a chair the leans him forward to better see the game, the guy who eats in front of the TV, and who loves to cheer on his whole family from a seated position. I give you the man fridge. Tastefully designed to fit in with your décor! Starting at $449 it is a steal never to be asked to go get dad another soda again.

Whatever you choose to get dad this year for Father’s Day, let’s commit to making our dad’s feel our love and gratitude, because they deserve it!

Jennifer Lytle – Proud daughter to the best step-dad and father in-law ever!




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Why You Should Invest in a Good Office Chair

In our industry it’s not uncommon to hear some people’s complete dismay to the price of some office chairs.  Mainly people think ”it’s just a chair, why is it so expensive?”

It’s true that there are chairs that are fairly inexpensive.  However these chairs can be low quality. They fulfill temporary need, but most likely within the near future end up in a landfill somewhere and the user has to purchase another one.

At the other end of the spectrum there are the really expensive chairs, but most likely they’re expensive for a reason i.e. materials, design, ergonomics etc.  As with anything there’s always a middle ground as well.

The old phrase “you get what you paid for” really hits the target when it comes to office seating products. What people don’t think about is how much use (and abuse!) an office chair gets.  For most people an office chair needs to support them for 7+ hours a day, 5 days a week. That adds up to a lot of “SITTING TIME!”

And of course you want to be comfortable and free of back pain during that time frame. This is where the boys get separated from the men – so to speak.

Swopper Materials

A good office chair is going to be:

  • Made with quality, durable components
  • Engineered to ensure proper ergonomic functions
  • Have options for the individual to make it fit their own needs
  • Include a great warranty and service
  • Showcase trend-setting design

Often new trends will come with a price attached because it’s new and different.  But hey…we all want to be trendsetters!!

All of these add up to make your sitting experience much more enjoyable. What’s your comfort worth?  Everyone will have a different answer to this based on personal preferences. But think about this…. we have no problem throwing down money for extremely expensive beds…why?  Because it’s comfortable, makes us feel better and we spend half of our lifetime in bed.

Why wouldn’t you think of a good office chair in the same context?  You spend a lot of time there too. I don’t know about you, but I would prefer to spend a little more upfront for quality vs spending less and buying the same thing over and over.  That definitely adds up in the end.

As we say at Swopper – we are dedicated to the sweet spot of seating! Customized not prescribed.

~ Sandra Bowie

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Five Exercises You Can Do in Your Swopper Chair

The swopper chair offers the unique benefit of being able to move while you are sitting at a desk. When you sit on a swopper, you’re able to bounce, sway and tilt while maintaining optimal posture. Active sitting on your swopper means you’re able to burn up to 500 calories a day while you work.

Exercising in your swopper chair is a great way to take your experience on a motion chair to the next level. It is a perfect low impact workout that is beneficial for seniors, office workers or those with health limitations. Simple movements can help increase mobility, circulation and performance, while decreasing an individual’s risk of injury.

Exercises in your chair

The following are five exercises that can be performed anytime in your swopper chair:

* Perform each of the following protocols for up to 60 seconds.

* Perform up to 3 sets, depending on health restrictions.

* Pause for 30 seconds between each set.

  1. Lateral Eagle Ups: Sit tall with your chin parallel to floor. Arms hang freely at sides with thumbs pointed down. Brace core and raise arms until they are extended laterally. Pause and reverse direction. Repeat.
  1. Turn Downs: Sit tall with your chin parallel to floor. Extend your arms laterally. Bend your arms at the elbows, with the back of your arms now becoming parallel to the floor, palms facing forward. Rotate your arms at your shoulders, allowing your hands to fall forward until your palms become parallel to floor. Pause, contract your shoulder blades and reverse direction. Repeat.
  1. Side Dips: Sit tall with your chin parallel to the floor. Feet will be shoulder with apart and your hands are resting lightly behind head. Contract your shoulder blades. Brace you core and bend at your right side, reaching your right elbow to the floor. Pause for 5 seconds at the lowest point. Aim to keep evenly balanced on your hips and heels. Reverse direction. Repeat on opposite side.
  1. Uni-Lateral Holds: Sit tall with your chin parallel to the floor. Brace your core and extend your arms laterally with your palms facing the floor. Raise your right knee as high as possible and hold it for up to 10 seconds. Reverse direction and repeat on opposite side.
  1. Gas Pedals: Sit tall with chin your parallel to the floor. Let your arms hang freely at your sides. Extend your right leg out in front of the swopper. Brace your core and lift your leg 6 inches from floor. Keeping a tall position with your spine extended and pretend that you are pressing up and down on your car’s gas pedal. Perform for up to 10 seconds. Lower and repeat on opposite side. For modification, simply keep heel in contact with the floor of working leg.

Follow these five simple workouts that you can do on your swopper chair, and you’ll maximize your time sitting. Adding these movements and exercises into your daily work routine will help improve your overall health, fitness, mental clarity, focus and creativity.

~ Jay Cardiello

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Behind The Scenes of How Your Motion Chair is Made

Have you ever wondered what goes into making something? Let me tell you first hand, the amount of tools, machines, and human touch that goes into the production of your motion chair is nothing short of miraculous. For every piece of equipment and every piece of material, you have at least two people physically touching and piecing together parts to make the masterpiece that you sit on.

Aeris, the German manufacturer of the swopper chair and all motion chairs sold on, has devoted itself to revolutionizing standing and sitting at the workplace. Their philosophy is as simple as it is effective: more movement, in three dimensions. They call it 3D ergonomics. For their customers (you!), this simply means better health, more motivation and higher productivity. And success proves us right! Aeris is ranked in the top 100 of the most innovative small and medium-sized German businesses. Now that is something to be proud of!

Each swopper, muvman or 3Dee chair is quite literally a work of art. Every chair is given personalized attention down to drawstring assembly and hand-steaming of seat fabrics to ensure the highest level of quality. Our team members pride themselves on a job well done, and that means holding hands through the entire process of producing your chairs! This approach shows in the beautiful craftsmanship each of our chairs embodies.

We wanted to give you a sneak peek inside the factory where all swoppers, muvmans and 3Dees are created.

swopper chair

aeris life in motion making a swopper chair

The 3Dee has an amazing amount of intricate parts that are assembled into the most innovative chair in the world!

3dee chair

Fully built 3dee active office chair

ergonomic office chair

As you can see, a lot goes into creating these innovative motion chairs, from Germany to the US and beyond. Learn more about what goes into the process of customizing and shipping out your swopper chair in this post about our own superstar located in Sparks, NV.

~ Jennifer Lytle

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Making Music in Your Chair: Reasons Why Musicians Need a Swopper

As a fitness professional, I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with many of most talented artists in the music industry. Traveling with them around the globe, I am glued to their sides monitoring their health around the clock. One place that I’ve spent more time with them than any gym, is the music studio.

Inside any studio is obstacle of unhealthy traps. From soda to candy, I work as a shield of protection keeping the artist fueled with the best in nutrition. However, there is one unhealthy area that many of my clients seem fall victim to … the studio chair.

Musician needs a swopper

It is here that the artist endures a host of unhealthy side affects while sitting static in a chair for hours, like muscle inactivity, poor circulation, a decrease in core strength, decrease in performance, as well as a rise in the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular illness.

These issues go unrecognized, which amazes me. Artists, like athletes, yearn to be tunneled throughout a state of peak performance through which their creativity will be exalted to its highest level. I tell them that poor circulation and lack of activity while sitting in a standard chair for hours, can hamper that creativity and performance they work hard for.

That is why I believe musicians are an ideal set to use a motion chair like a swopper. The side to side, up and down, and other gentle movements of the swopper open the flood gates of circulation allowing blood, nutrients and oxygen to sing powerfully throughout their body. Increasing performance, heightening concentration and driving awareness, the swopper results in clearer thinking and ultimately may aid in reducing those long, tiring and endless hours in the studio.

Musicians, a swopper may just be the best studio investment that you’ll ever make.

~ Jay Cardiello

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide For the Health-Conscious Mom

Moms. They’re the ones who care for us, dry our tears and support us through life. This weekend we get to celebrate all the wonderful moms out there. Here at swopper, we asked the moms who work in our office what they would most like for Mother’s Day, and the common theme we heard was, “I’d like time to prioritize myself and my wellbeing.”

We decided to come up with some gift ideas that are perfect for a health-conscious mom. This is a mom who loves to be healthy, fit and active. These gifts will tell mom that you support her need to care for herself. Because our moms deserve to feel great, right?

Just click on each picture to be taken to where you can purchase the item.

  1. New workout clothes. Is your mom going to the gym in the same ratty t-shirt and beat up shorts? Time to upgrade mom to some new, colorful and comfortable workout clothes.

Unique workout clothes

  1. Fancy water bottle. Help mom stay hydrated with an extra-special water bottle. This one lets you put fresh fruit right in your water for a delicious-tasting, fruit-infused hydration.

Infuser water bottle

  1. Motion chair. If your mom works in an office or spends a lot of time sitting at home, a motion chair like swopper, Muvman or 3Dee will help her stay active and fit during the time she has to be sitting. We’ll even throw in 15% off any swopper chair to sweeten the deal. Just use coupon code 15%OFF4MOM at checkout on

Swopper chair

  1. Session with a personal trainer. If your mom is like the ones we know, then she can tend to let the needs of her family trump her own. Show mom that you support her taking time away to exercise by setting up a session with a personal trainer for her.

    Jay Cardiello personal trainer

  2. Colorful running shoes. If your mom is the running type, help her show off her colorful personality with some new running shoes in a bright, vibrant color.

Colorful running shoes

  1. Juicer. Tell your mom to sit back and relax while you whip up a delicious and healthy fresh juice in her new juicer.

Bullet Juicer

  1. Help her de-stress. Want to help your mom’s wellbeing? Give her a no-stress day. That means she doesn’t have to cook, clean or pick anyone up from practice. Have someone else “run the ship” so mom can take a breather.

Enjoy your day, moms!

~ Jenn Lytle

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10 Lifestyle Hacks Celebrity Trainers Swear By

Much like grandma’s secret sauce recipe, many personal trainers protect their top fitness methods and protocols. However, there are some things that we as fitness professionals can all agree on, and that’s helping our clients achieve fitness success. Below, I have gathered 10 lifestyle hacks that we as trainers don’t mind sharing.

Jay Cardiello

  1. Water is the best supplement. Ask any personal trainer and they will happily tell you that water is the most important supplement one can take to achieve ultimate fitness success. Water not only keeps your body running at optimal level, but it also helps to increase immunity, kick-start weight loss and reduce fatigue. How much water does one need? Aim to drink half of your body weight in ounces of water daily.
  1. You need sleep. Skipping out on proper sleep can cause your levels of leptin to drop, which sends a message to the brain that there is a shortage of food, which increases your appetite. This surge in appetite makes comfort food more appealing, causing you to over indulge in refined sugar, carbohydrates and other unhealthy food. Do your body and waist a favor, and make sleep an important part of your arsenal against high caloric comfort food.
  1. Avoid soda. Not only is soda unhealthy and full of empty calories, but it’s also full of sugar, which can easily lead to obesity. Drink just one can a day for a year and you’ll be ingesting 31 pounds of the white stuff. Choose water, tea or another low calorie drink in its place.
  1. Cinnamon is what you need to stir into your coffee. Cinnamon is a diabetes fighter that helps to regulate blood sugar, which can make it ideal to help stabilize energy levels and moods. Plus it tastes great. So skip the sugar and stir cinnamon into your next cup of joe.
    swopper ergonomics
  2. Prolonged static sitting is harmful to your health. Studies show that prolonged ‘static’ sitting can increase your risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity. Trainers agree the best way to mitigate these issues if you work an office job is to make sure you incorporate movement into your day. A great way to do this is to purchase a motion chair like swopper, which keeps you bouncing, swaying and moving all day. This ergonomically designed chair keeps you active while sitting without even having to think about it.
  1. Your body is your gym. Forget expensive fitness equipment or health club memberships; your body is all you need for exercise. Your body is designed to move, and the more you move it, the healthier you’ll be. From pushups to walking, your body is all you need to increase strength & cardiovascular fitness, while slowing the aging process.
  1. We need to eat more fruits & vegetables. In my opinion, fruits and vegetables are the least expensive, yet most efficient, form of health insurance you’ll ever purchase. However, most of us fall short of the seven to nine servings that we need for optimal health. Aim to incorporate a serving at every meal.
  1. Keep your sneakers healthy. With many people hitting the streets or trails for a run, I recommend digging deep into your closet and doing a little cleaning with your running sneakers. This may mean parting ways with your favorite kicks. However, this separation may help you avoid injury. A simple and effective way to know if your running sneakers have performed their last repetition is to perform the “twist test.” Simply hold the sneaker at each end and twist. If the shoe easily rotates, the midsole is worn and indicates a replacement is needed.
  1. Not all labels tell the truth. Words like ‘natural’ or ‘baked’ can be very misleading to a consumer. Take for instance the word baked found on potato chips. This word has consumers believing that they are doing something good for their bodies when munching on potato chips. Sure, one ounce of baked potato chips may have 14% less calories and contain half of the fat. However, baked chips are more highly processed than their counter part and contain high levels of the cancer causing chemicals like acrylamide, which form when the potatoes are heated to high temperatures.
  1. Don’t lean forward when you squat. It’s important to ensure proper form and weight placement on your heels during your next bodyweight “squat” exercise. This is one of the best workouts for your overall fitness, but only if you are in proper position. Make sure that you can wiggle your toes when your hips are at their lowest point. This small reminder can keep your form in check, while helping you avoid leaning forward too much.

Incorporate these 10 fitness and lifestyle hacks into your routine, and you’ll be on your way to maximizing your wellness potential. If you have any hacks of your own, we’d love to hear them. Just leave a comment!


~ Jay Cardiello

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What Your Swopper Color Says About You

Last month, Jenn offered some ideas to personalize your office space, to make you feel more at home and help your co-workers get to know you better. A couple weeks ago, Sandra suggested some great talking points for convincing your boss to get you that motion chair you’ve had your eye on. Now you’re ready to order, and you’ve come to the hardest part: choosing the color!

Now, we know that some offices have specific designs and color schemes, but for fun let’s assume that your boss is letting you completely customize your space to best suit you, right down to your seat! How do you decide what to go with? Well, let’s take a look at what some of your options might say about you!

Black: The Ninja

Black Swopper

You are inconspicuous and efficient! You want people to take you seriously. You speak for yourself and don’t necessarily need your surroundings to express any differently. You are practical and maybe a tad serious, but people know they can count on you to get in, get out, and get the job done!

Brown: The Confidant

You are honest and trustworthy. Your co-workers and friends know they can depend on you. You are strong and powerful, and you’re the person most people would count on to wrangle up any tough situation before it gets out of control!


Blue: The Comforter

Blue Swopper

You are welcoming and caring, which gives you the ability to make anybody comfortable in almost any situation. Your co-workers see you as a beacon of peace when things get too stressful. You manage to stay calm while re-gaining control and order. You are dependable and generally cheerful because you don’t sweat the small stuff.

Yellow: The Ray of Sunshine

You are the cheery, bright light of the office. You could probably make the dullest office come to life with your smile alone. You love team building and probably won the three-legged race at the last office picnic!

Green: The Peacemaker

Green Swopper

You are calm and collected. You may be a bit of a dreamer, but you stay within realistic expectations. You can encourage others without making them feel overwhelmed.

Orange: The Social Butterfly

Orange Swopper

You are a true people person! You can get along with anybody and make friends easily. You are great at networking and bringing diverse groups of people together.

Pink/Purple: The Diva

You are fun and exciting! You refuse to be put in a box or anywhere your creativity isn’t free to flow. You have a strong attention to detail and take pride in a job well done.

Red: The Star

red swopper

You are bold and powerful. You are the life of any party, and you know how to make people smile and laugh. You are fierce and driven, you know what you want and how to get it! Others look to you for encouragement, enthusiasm, and inspiration.

As you can see, people can tell a lot about you by the colors and styles you choose. But wait… your favorite color isn’t a current swopper option?! Let us know! We have access to a variety of fabrics and patterns and would be happy to help you find the one that’s just right for you!

What’s your ideal swopper color… and can you guess mine?

Aleta Simmons, Customer Service Super Star!

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