Prolonged Sitting May Harm Your Brain – Study

We know prolonged sitting can lead to increases in mortality from heart disease, diabetes and even cancer, but a new study sheds light on important organ that suffers from too much sitting … your brain.

sitting too much can harm your brain

The small study, which was published in June in the Journal of Applied Physiology, showed that blood flow to the brain decreased after 2-4 continuous hours. When blood flow is decreased to the brain in the short term, it can cause foggy thinking and decreased memory. If you sit for most of the day, as many American’s do, the long term risks to your . brain could be dire, leading to neurodegenerative diseases like dementia.

For the study, scientists found a group of men and women who work jobs that require them to sit for much of the day. They had study participants wear special headbands that tracked the blood flow through their middle cerebral arteries to their brains.

Participants then simulated a typical work day by sitting at a computer or desk for several hours without getting up, except to use the bathroom. Researchers found that prolonged sitting without meaningful breaks, led to a decline in blood flow to the brain.

When participant took a two minute walking break every thirty minutes, their blood flow did not go down. They hypothesized that frequent movement during the work day – at least every 30 minutes – would prevent the negative affects on the brain.

The hard part for most working Americans though is stopping what you’re working on every thirty minutes to go take a walk. It’s downright impossible when you’re stuck in the conference room for a long meeting. These interruptions can reduce concentration, work performance and productivity.

So how can you keep blood flow to your brain optimal without having to break your work flow? A motion chair like swopper or 3Dee keeps your body slightly in motion all throughout the day. This means you can move while you work and not have to stress about taking a break every thirty minutes.

swopper motion chair

In fact, swopper doesn’t just keep your blood flow from reducing, it actually boosts blood flow. Sitting on the swopper chair . makes you straighten the upper part of your body. This frees the diaphragm so that you breathe deeper, the supply of oxygen to the blood is improved and your circulation is stimulated.

When you move from a static office chair to a motion chair, you are more alert, concentrate better and have optimal performance.



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