Why a Standing Desk Alone May Not Help You Lose Weight

Many people who make the switch to a standing desk from sedentary sitting, assume this will help them lose pounds off the scale. A new study from the American Heart Association shows that weight loss may not be a reasonable expectation for standing desk users.

Standing desk weight loss

The study analyzed the results for more than 50 other studies that included more than 1,100 people to identify the increase in calories burned by standing desk users vs those who sat.

The results show that standing burned only an extra 0.15 calories per minute, on average, compared with sitting. In fact, for a person who weighs about 140 pounds, substituting sitting with standing for six hours a day would burn only an extra 54 calories per day, the study said.

Men showed to burn slightly more than women – an extra .2 calories per minute – due to their increased muscle mass. The study did show, that while weight loss was not shown, the extra calories burned may prevent new weight gain.

So what is the solution to optimizing weight loss while working? They key in to stay in motion. Motion chairs like swopper or 3Dee, allow you to bounce, tilt or sway while you work. This constant motion has the effect of burning up to 500 extra calories per day. If you love your standing desk, the muvman sit-to-stand stool allows you to easily transition between sitting, standing and perching to optimize your movement throughout the day.

swopper motion chair Muvman standing desk chair

When you sit in motion, your circulation is improved, your muscles are firing and you’re able to breathe more deeply. This has the effect of improving nearly every area of your wellbeing while also burning more calories than just sitting or just standing can.

The research is in, and it shows that staying both sitting and standing are less than ideal when it comes to weight loss. The best state to be in if you want to lose weight is to stay in motion.


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