Standing at Work Could Help You Live Longer – Study

If you’re on a quest to live longer and better, a new study says you may want to think about how you are sitting at work. Researchers at Australia’s Deakin University recently completed a study that showed standing at work could increase life expectancy.

Standing at work

The study involved a group of 231 desk-bound workers aged between 24 and 65. The study participants were  given sit-stand desks at the workplace, as well as health coaching. The results showed that the introduction of a standing workspace caused participants to sit on average one hour a day less than before.

With the plethora of studies showing how sitting too much causes a myriad of health issues, researchers concluded that the introduction of standing workspaces into Australia’s workforce would save 7,492 “health adjusted life years” by preventing a range of obesity-related diseases.

Once hinderance to jumping into the standing desk set up is the growing concerns about how standing all day is also not great for your health. Researchers say standing for prolonged periods can lead to an increase risk of heart disease.

So how can you safely incorporate standing into your work day? And what is truly the healthiest way to work? Studies show transitional sitting, or moving between sitting, standing and perching, to be the overall healthiest way to work.

The easiest way to achieve this style of working is through a height adjustable desk and height adjustable chair. Muvman is the ultimate transitional sitting chair. It easily adjusts your sitting height to anywhere between 20 – 33″, which allows you to sit, perch or stand throughout your day. The Muvman chair also incorporates slight movement forward and back, to keep your body movements loose and fluid.

Muvman height adjustable chair

You can reap the benefits of a standing desk without worrying about the adverse health affects from too much standing by adapting your space to accommodate sitting and standing. With the right desk and the right ergonomic stool, you will have mastered the art of sitting for your health.



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