Study: Any Movement Reduces Risks from Sitting

If you’re like most American’s, your lifestyle includes a lot of sitting. Think about an average work day, we wake up and sit at the breakfast table, then sit while we commute to work, then sit at a desk for much of the day and finally relax on the couch. The hard truth is our bodies are sedentary much of the day.

sitting all day

We know from many studies that all this sedentary time is terrible for our bodies and overall health. Researchers are often heard urging people to “move more, sit less.” Conventional wisdom tells us that in order to avoid the many health risks that come with prolonged sitting, we “make up” for time spent sitting by hitting the gym or going for a run.

A new study in the American Journal of Epidemiology has some different advice for those who sit much of the day. The study of more than 8,000 middle aged or older participants showed that replacing time sitting with any movement, even a stretch or short walk, will reduce the risks that come with sitting.

“We can just do simple one-minute bouts and that’s enough to counteract, because you are activating your muscles,”  research lead Dr. Keith Diaz of Columbia University Irving Medical Center told CBS News. “So one-minute bouts, if you do enough of them, would be enough to lower your risks, as long as you accrue 30 minutes or more.”

While the study did show that exercising at a higher intensity resulted in an increased reduction in risks from sitting, researchers were quick to point out that ANY movement has a positive affect.

If your lifestyle means you spend much of your time sitting, it’s important to find ways to include more movement into your work day. Take frequent breaks at work, or better yet use a motion office chair like swopper to keep your body in motion all day long.

swopper motion chair

When you sit on a swopper you are able to move in three dimensions, which keeps your body is a constant state of slight motion. When you sit this way, your muscles are engaged and you avoid the health risks that come with sitting all day.

If you find it is hard to hit the gym each day to counterbalance the affects of sitting, it’s good to know that you can reduce your health risks just by incorporating some regular movement into your daily routine.


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