Study: Sit Less, Move More to Live Longer

If you work a desk job, which requires long days of sitting, researchers have some advice for you – start moving! A new study released in the American Journal of Epidemiology has shown that replacing sedentary behavior with sitting may drastically reduce your risks of an early death.

sit less move more

The study followed 8,000 adults aged 45 and older. The participants wore activity monitors for at least four days between 2009 and 2013. Researchers then tracked participant death rates. The results showed that physical activity in place of sitting can have a marked affect on lifespan.

Specifically, the study showed that replacing sitting with just 30 minutes of low-intensity physical activity, like walking or stretching, lowered their risk of an early death by 17 percent. Those who swapping a half-hour per day of sitting for moderate-to-vigorous exercise cut the risk of early death by even more at 35 percent.

Researchers say any amount of movement in place of sitting, even just a few minutes, can have a positive impact on your lifespan.

“If you have a job or lifestyle that involves a lot of sitting, you can lower your risk of early death by moving more often, for as long as you want and as your ability allows — whether that means taking an hour-long high-intensity spin class or choosing lower-intensity activities, like walking,” said study lead author Keith Diaz.

With one in every four U.S. adults sitting for eight-plus hours per day, the need to increase movement has never been more important. A sedentary lifestyle has been shown to cause an increase risk in diabetes, obesity, heart disease, certain cancers and overall premature death. 

A great way to reduce your risk of early death and other serious diseases is to incorporate movement into your entire day. This is possible when you work a desk job by just changing the way you work. Using a motion office chair, like swopper, means your body is constantly in motion, which effectively eliminates the risks that come with sitting all day.

swopper motion chair

Another option is to invest in a height adjustable desk and chair, like Muvman. When you are able to move seamlessly between sitting, standing and perching, your body is able to move as it was meant to without being locking into one position too long.

height adjustable chair

Whether you invest in ergonomic motion furniture, or commit to taking more walking breaks, the need to move throughout your day is important. Your back, body and longevity will thank you for making this small change.


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