The Differences Between a Swopper Classic and Swopper Air

One of the most common questions we get from potential customers is “what is the difference between swopper Classic and swopper Air?” While it’s true that these chairs are very similar, there are some key differentiators that can make one chair the better choice for you over the other.


When working with a customer to try and decide which chair is best for him or her, I like to ask them some questions, like:

– Do you sleep on a firm or soft mattress?

– Do you require wheels on your chair?

– Are you the type of person that over-heats often?

All these questions help us deduce which chair – the swopper Air or the swopper Classic – is right for you. These three questions hit on the top three differentiators between the two chairs, which we’ll touch on now.

Three Main Differences Between Swopper Air and Swopper Classic

1. The cushioning on the chair top.

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 10.55.53 AM

Swopper Classic comes with a traditional foam chair, which is a firmer type of sit albeit very comfortable for most.

The swopper Air is made with a high-tech 3DEA Spacer Fabric. This three-dimensional textile consists of top and bottom layers that act similar to a memory foam, but with an immediate spring back once you get up. This is the same materials used in high-tech hospital beds, aimed to aid at rehabilitation and comfort. For this reason, we typically recommend the swopper Air for people who enjoy a softer, more plush chair.

2. The fabric used on the chair.

swopper classic microfiberswopper air mesh

The swopper Classic is covered in a microfiber fabric, which is soft to the touch and pleasing to the eye. It comes in a variety of colors including blue, black, gray, orange and red.

Swopper Air uses a mesh material that allows for air flow to move continuously while in use. The mesh material is great for people who tend to over-heat while at work. It keeps you cool while you bounce, sway and move.

3. Wheels or no Wheels

swopper wheels

Swopper Classic is not made with the option to add wheels to the bottom, while swopper Air does have the option to add wheels. If you have a large office and need to be able to wheel from one area to another, the swopper Air is your best bet.

To recap, if you tend to like a firmer surface, like the feel of microfiber, don’t tend to get too hot at work and don’t need wheels, then the swopper Classic is a great fit. If you like a plusher sit, need air circulation and prefer wheels, then swopper Air is your best bet.

Either way you go, buying a swopper motion chair is an excellent investment in your health and wellness. Swopper is the first ergonomic office chair in the world to move in all three dimensions – backwards, forwards, sideways and up and down – with the exclusive, three-dimensional ergonomic technology that adapts the chair to an individual’s body.

If you have any additional questions about the difference between swopper Classic and swopper Air, leave us a comment or email me (Jenn) at and I’ll be happy to help guide you.

~ Jenn Lytle


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    I really cannot decide between about getting casters. I have a space about 3×4 where I move around a bit. Does it move easily without casters? Do the casters lock?

    Also I think I want a be air but prefer firm seating and also get hot.

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