Tight on Space? College Students find Motion to be the perfect tuck away chair!

Small spaces an issue? 

No problem, swopper and muvman can easily slide under a desk to maximize your floor space!

Heather recently graduated from University and she writes to us, “My swopper chair is awesome – it fits perfectly under my desk when I need some extra room, or I can use it as a statement piece! All my friends LOVE it!”

Another student, Craig, says “I’m tight on space and I need everything I own to serve more than one purpose. My muvman chairs have been lifesavers – I can easily move them from my kitchen, to my desk, to the living room for extra seating when I have friends over.”

But WAIT, there’s MORE!

No time to exercise? No problem

Swopper allows for full movement of your large muscles while you sit! You can exercise your core, read, browse and get those creative juices flowing ALL WHILE SITTING DOWN!

We hear time and time again that swopper is used for multiple purposes. It isn’t just a chair – it’s anything you need it to be. Let motion work for you – you deserve it!

Are you a student? Parent of a student? A want-to-go-back-to-school-and-this-chair-will-help-you-get-there-student? Use coupon code STUDENTSROCK for your 20% any swopper or muvman motion chairs.



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